Yoenis Cespedes believes the New York Mets can win the World Series in 2017. He didn’t exactly say those words but he rather expressed them through his commitment to the Barwis Methods Program this off season.

Cespedes has been training all off season at Barwis Methods workout facility that is located near the Mets spring training site.  With a new long term contract, he feels more comfortable and relaxed.

Cespedes during his press conference in 2016

Cespedes appears to be in better physical shape than previous years because of an intense 90 minute workout at Barwis Methods facility. His flexibility has improved significantly over the course of the program. He has stressed the importance of improving his flexibility because of his quad injuries that landed him on the DL several times last season.

In an interview with NYPOST he stated, “I am the only one who knew how much pain I was in. I was trying to mask it, trying to play through it and do as much as I could to help the team. After the games I was icing to try to be on the field as much as I could.’’


Cespedes won’t be all that flashy come Spring Training 2017. Surprisingly he sold his Lamborghini,  Jeep and most of his exotic cars. His focus is on the Mets and their chase for their first World Series title in 31 years.


“I’m not going to make a prediction that we are going to win the World Series, but the mentality to play every day to get that goal is here. There are a lot of possibilities, if our health stays with our pitching staff and with our position players, we can achieve that goal.’’

Cespedes in the weight room, getting ready for the 2015 postseason.

Cespedes is comfortable as a New York Met. He is home. His teammates are like family. He loves New York and he loves Mets fans. Through his amazing commitment and hard work in the off season, he is poised for a breakout season.