The problem with Major League Baseball in recent years has been the speed of the game. To speed up the game, they have implemented a timed clock in between pitching changes.  They have also tried to speed up instant replay review.

Major league Baseball wants to eventually set up an extra inning rule where the batter that recorded the 3rd out in the previous inning, starts on second base to begin the 10th inning and so forth.

“It’s not fun to watch when you go through your whole pitching staff and wind up bringing a utility infielder in to pitch. As much as it’s nice to talk about being at an 18-inning game, it takes time”,  Joe Torre, the Chief Baseball Officer told Yahoo Sports.

The 2013 season set a MLB record for most extra-inning games with 239. The longest recorded game of the modern era was played was on  September 11th, 1974 when the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the New York Mets in 25 innings. The Mets lost in the worst possible way: An error on a pickoff attempt. Thats so Mets.

With a record low of balls being put in play, MLB is trying to find new ways to bring excitement to games. A simple solution is to start with the runner on second base in extras.

In NCAA softball,  the runner on second rule if the game gets to the 10th inning. They play 7 innings in softball. However, baseball and softball are two totally different ball game.  If the MLB did create this new ruling they should start the runner on second in the 13th inning.

In my opinion I do not like this idea. Let the game be the way it has been. It is America’s pastime. Major League Baseball is trying so hard to make the game better, they’re actually making the game softer. Baseball is a physical game and it is tiring.

The best part about extra innings is the excitement from an earned walk off hit or home run. I think by putting the runner on second it is only going to make the game less exciting. If a runners on second, the batter is going to try to bunt him over. The next guy is then going to try to lift the ball to the outfield for the walk off sacrifice fly. BORING.

Stop babying the league! #LGM