Don’t Be Surprised Be Ready By Steven Nosomowitz of SNDPODCAST
Amed Rosario is the 11th ranked MLB prospect going into the 2017 season. He is ranked number 4  for short stop prospect and the number 1 New York Met prospect.

With high prospect rankings come high expectations.

In July 2012, the New York Mets signed Rosario out of the Dominican Republic.

On July 19th 2014, I went to watch another Mets prospect Michael Conforto make his professional debut in Brooklyn.

I was told by a friend to keep an eye on Amed Rosario. This  guy was a string bean looking, lenghty shortstop. Although I do not remember what he did at the plate that day, I do recall his range and ability at short stop.

A lot of articles recently have compared Rosario to Derek Jeter. I do believe he can be similar but will he be Derek Jeter? Ask me again in 20 years.

I do however think the ceiling is very high for Rosario. The defensive side of his game is there and I do believe it is MLB ready.

Despite being a .280 average hitter, Rosario has yet to face major league pitching. Since being signed at 17, Rosario has yet to play higher than AA baseball. He finished the 2016 season in double A.

Spring training 2017 will be the first legitimate chance for the Mets to see Rosario play. Not only has he been invited to the major-league camp, he will get a lot of playing time with the World Baseball Classic. With Jose Reyes going to play for team Dominican Republic and Asdrubal Cabrera coming off a season with multiple knee injuries, Rosario has the opportunity to get plenty of playing time.

One of the biggest influences for Rosario during his time in Binghamton was Jose Reyes during his rehab time last season. The two of them clearly made a bond and it personally upsets me that Reyes won’t be in camp to mentor him. However, with both Reyes and Flores being utility guys and being able to play every infield position, I don’t see Rosario being in the majors during the 2017 season. For a guy who is mainly a short stop, the team has a bunch of guys that fill short term rolls at that position.

I do expect him to start the year in AA where he ended last year and within time be called up to AAA Vegas. I can also see him being a September call up, not to play but to ideally sit on the bench and get the experience of travel/being with the major-league club.

I do highly expect Rosario to be the opening day short stop come 2018 and beyond that.

Scouts have high expectations for him, as do I. But don’t forget, as Amed Rosario’s hash tag on social media says: #DONTBESURPRISEDBYREADY .
Let’s Go Mets!