Bartolo Colon isn’t just a pitcher. He is a living legend, well at least for Mets fans. He goes by the name of Big Sexy and he isn’t afraid of anything. Baseball fans across the country have laughed, cheered and smiled at Big Sexy. It is almost impossible to hate this guy.

Since signing with the New York Mets in December of 2013, Colon has provided the Mets with depth. Mets fans adore him and his former teammates look up to him.

Things never phased Big Sexy on the mound. Thins never phased Big Sexy at the plate. Everyone anticipated his next at bat because they knew he was going to swing for the fences or at least try to. His helmet falling off during an at bat was his signature. When he made contact with the ball, Mets fans would give him a standing ovation for trying.

On May 7th 2016, Colon hit his first career home run off of James Shields at Petco Park in San Diego. In attendance was The7LineArmy who rocked the house that evening as they and many other fans witnessed history.

On November 17th 2016, the Mets NL East rivals, the Atlanta Braves, signed Colon to a one year deal worth 12.5 million dollars. As hard as it is to see Bart go he deserves to start elsewhere. There simply was no more room for Big Sexy. We will miss you.

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