Baseball fans can describe Bartolo Colon as characteristic, big boned and funny to watch.

Colon played for the New York Mets from 2014 to 2016. In his three years with the team he posted a 44-34 record with an earned run average of 3.90. Most Mets fans watched him just for his at bats or for his incredible defensive plays. During his tenure with the team he adopted the nickname Big Sexy.

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You might ask why are we talking about Big Sexy right now? Keep reading this article it’s getting somewhere.



In 2012 Colon served a 50 game suspension with the Oakland A’s for testing positive for PEDs. However nobody seems to hold that against him (or have forgotten). Colon still remains employed at the age of 45 and fans still adore him.

Robinson Cano recently tested positive for a substance called diuretic furosemide which violates MLB’s drug prevention and treatment program. Cano stated he used it to treat a medical condition, High Blood Pressure. Furosemide is also used as a masking agent to hide banned substances like steroids or stimulants. FYI: Steroids also can cause High Blood Pressure.

Players that have taken steroids jeopardize their hall of fame credibility. Many say Cano was on his way to being a future hall of famer but by taking steroids he should no longer be considered. Players like Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Rodger Clemons are struggling to get votes to get into Cooperstown even though they dominated in the 1990s and basically resurrected Major league baseball.

This brings me to the question how do you feel about people shaming Cano for taking a banned drug to possibly mask a steroid and then people enjoying the pitching and performance of Colon who previously took steroids? Reporters broke the news of Cano’s suspension and shamed him yet they market Colon for being “fat and old.”

Yes this question might be a little vague or too broad but I still asked Mets and Yankees fans their opinion on the subject:


@NotDWright said:

“A lot of players, such as Bartolo, Peralta, Cruz, ARod, and even more have been somewhat “forgiven”. Every single player will be shamed when it first comes out. It’s about how they respond to being caught, and what they do with their career after the suspension. Bartolo, Peralta, and Cruz pretty much accepted and apologized for it, moved on, and were still successful as clean players following their original suspensions. Even when you look back on some of the older players that did steroids; Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Palmero, and Andy Pettite,  Pettite was really the only one of those players who came out and fully said “I made a mistake and I’m sorry” (not a direct quote, but along those lines. And as for Cano, It’s kind of hard to deny the evidence that he did roids, BUT if there was one player I would CONSIDER actually didnt really do them, is him. He’s been a HOF player for 14 years until this. I dont know why he would think he needed performance enhancers. And assuming one of the steroid linked players (bonds, clemens, or arod most likely) get into the HOF, I believe Cano still has a chance to get in. “

@mferner_ said:

“I think people automatically hate people for using steroids but it’s different with Colon because he’s clearly fat and out of shape and funny looking. I also feel like people tend to hate on a player as soon as the news comes out.”

@Seussssss91 said:

“ It’s because regular people can relate to Colon, looks like he should be in a beer league but he’s out there with a sub 3 era.”

@tattooed__tommy said:

“Colon being praised post PED use and Cano being shamed is unfair. People have to make up their minds; don’t love a guy just because he’s fat and way past his prime and then shame someone who is in their prime. In the end both are PED users, both legacies are tainted. Many will forget about Colons PED use though do to the fact that it happened before Cano.”

 @JasonTrekkie said:

“Cano shouldn’t be shamed for it. Bartolo is a special case but it’s forgotten. I’m not that serious on people doing steroids.”

@LBarer32 said:

“I don’t praise Colon as a baseball player, I just enjoy him as entertainment. He has HOF numbers but I don’t think he deserves to get in. 242 wins, 3366.1 innings, 2486 Ks, Cy Young… He has the resume but that big asterisk.


@MetsDaddy said:

“I think it’s hypocritical. If you have a problem with Cano, you should have an issue with Bartolo, who by the way, is not loveable. He’s a piece of sh* deadbeat dad.”

@EatMyAssdrubal said:

“well first the Cano thing is really fresh in people’s minds and whenever someone does steroids they usually get picked apart for basically the entire time they’re suspended. then even when they get back it’s still a topic of discussion how they were just suspended for steroids. So Cano was suspended a couple days ago so he’s definitely in the process of being picked apart by baseball fans. But just like older players who did steroids it’ll start to ware off. People even start forgetting. Dee Gordon and Nelson Cruz both did steroids. They’re both his teammates in Seattle and people already seem to forget they took them. so the scrutiny definitely dies down. A-Rod got caught a couple times and publicly denied it and he’s beloved by most people and has a job working for ESPN so clearly his overwhelming scrutiny has died down. And Bartolo is just an interesting case on his own cus people just seem to love him cus of his weight and the carefree demeanor in which he plays. I guess for people it’s just fun or funny cus he’s the big fat guy and he’s talented and when he swings his helmet falls off and he tosses the ball up to himself on the mound lol. So I think people just love him cus it’s fun to watch a big fat guy succeed at playing major league baseball.”

@MikemayerMMO said:

“Time heals all wounds. Most probably don’t even remember that Bart got popped for steroids.”


So baseball fans what are your thoughts about this topic? Is it fair how the media treats certain players after using steroids? Or do we forget( or forgive) or even try to avoid the topic of players past history using banned substances. Thank you all for reading and I would love to hear all baseball fans opinions on this topic.