Did Reyes really forget to touch second base on that play? Why is Reyes on this team? Did Reyes really complain to a reporter about playing time? Did Reyes really miss a ball in the sun while his sunglasses were on his cap? Oh no another Jose Reyes start? Amed Rosario needs another mental day? Another Jose Reyes post? These are some questions fans have been asking themselves since the beginning of the season.

Ever since Jose Reyes complained to a reporter, he has started most games, whether it be at shortstop, second base, or third base. His lack of defense and lack of offense are liabilities to this team. The Mets excuse has been that 22-year-old Amed Rosario needed a mental break.



Although Reyes is not the main problem on this roster, the Reyes issue itself stems deeper into this organization than most people think.

There is no reason why Jose Reyes should be on this team or is there?

Although this is not proven YET, I have a theory that Reyes is only on the team because of the Wilpons. He is their boy. A homegrown player who started in the Mets organization at the age of 16. The Wilpons have one game in mind that they think will draw a sellout crowd: A Jose Reyes and David Wright reunion. A sell out crowd means money in the bank for the Wilpons.

David Wright has recently revamped his baseball activities and I am really pulling for him to succeed. Although a Reyes/Wright reunion on the left side of the infield would seem fun, this isn’t 2006. The more we hold onto Reyes, the less we see of guys like Jeff Mcneil, T.J Rivera, Gavin Cecchini ((when they come off the DL)) and Peter Alonso.

If the Mets are holding onto Reyes because of the hopes for a reunion then shame on them. In 2011 when he wanted a huge contract the Mets turned their back on him and let him walk. The Wilpons laughed at his asking contract price. In 2016 they opened their tiny wallets and signed him for the league minimum and now they want to treat him like he’s world class?

The Wilpons are probably envisioning a sellout crowd on a Saturday night September. The first game back for David Wright in two years. Jose Reyes is shortstop and batting leadoff. The Mets will probably be in last place, but the Wilpons don’t seem to care because they are seeking a large turn out for that nights game.

Like I said before, this is my theory. It does not mean it’s true, but it does make total sense. Why else would they be holding on to a guy batting .186? My grandmother and your grandmother can hit better.