Welcome to the Friday edition of Ask The Fans. Where I take a debatable topic trending on Twitter and ask the fans what they think. This weeks topic is Matt Harvey.




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In Matt Harvey’s  last three starts he is 3-0, with 18.1 IP, 1.47 ERA, 14 K, 2 BB. His fast ball has reached a consistent 96-97 mph. This season with the Mets and the Reds he has a combined 4.91 ERA.

Below is what I asked fans on twitter:

Here are the responses from our writers:

@ThatMetsChick: I think trading Harvey was a good move at the time. We gave him multiple chances to redeem himself after TSO surgery. He could have accepted his role in the bullpen and not pout about it. He could have went to the minors to figure his stuff out again.  At the same I think he would have been a better option than Jason Vargas but then again it’s Matt Harvey we are talking about. He was a headache with the media and was just not going to change here. A change of scenery was needed for him and we got back a much needed catcher at the time.

@christinamwrites : Mets undersold Harvey in that trade because they wanted $ in return. Mesoraco seems like he’s been good, but he’s also overseen an utter collapse that turned the Mets pretty handedly into the Reds after mentioning he picked up 20 wins. But Harvey was never going to let himself succeed without being traded first.

@MarissaMets: The pressure was too much for Harvey here. Despite him saying he knows he’s not the same pitcher anymore, you know there had to be something inside him wanting to get back to that “dark knight” status he was in 2013. He needed a fresh start more than anything.

@Metsgal:  I think trading Harvey was the right move. We got the catcher we needed and he was never going to get better here. It was a bad relationship that needed to end.

Here are the responses from Mets fans on twitter:

@LBarer32: Yes, but the Mets dug their own grave by signing Jason Vargas. Harvey pitched better than Vargas, and has since his trade, but the Mets are still paying Vargas more this season — and are locked in to his contract next season too, while Harvey is going to be a free agent at seasons end. Vargas, obviously, is older too. So, yes, the Mets let Harvey go too soon, but they had little choice because of the bad decision to sign Vargas.

@MrMet_CPA: I like Harvey, and think the media blew a lot of things out of proportion, but no they didn’t let him go too early. Many times the best thing for a pitcher (and also the team) is a change in scenery.

@NewYorkMehts:  My answer is yes. Third year after thoracic outlet is when guys get their control back.

@OmarMinayaFanThe DFA was quick. But if he was going to pout in the bullpen and not take coaching then they might as well get a useful piece for him.

@fromero715 : I don’t think so. The divorce was inevitable. He wanted to be treated like Jeter after having 1 1/2 great seasons. The Mets pampered the hell out of the kid. Its only tolerable when you’re winning. Granted Harvey gave his all during 2015 and the WS. However, this is 2018 and you aren’t that kind of pitcher anymore. He couldn’t get anyone out and was detrimental to the team. The Mets made the right move.

@metsfansam13Yes, he only made four starts with the mets and three of those starts came against top offenses (Nats, Brewers, Braves) while the one start that was not against those guys he threw 5 scoreless innings. Should have given him at least 2 more starts

@billsnmetsfanI think we gave Harvey every opportunity to perform to an acceptable standard. He couldn’t overcome injuries but his attitude made consistent success unlikely. Given his history, any forward steps he takes will inevitably be followed by a typical Harvey meltdown.

@thesheabridgeYes. He was not the worst starting pitcher in the rotation at the time, everyone was awful at the beginning of the year. The decision was rushed by Vargas’ return, and they traded him at his lowest value. I wonder how different the team would’ve been had he been a spot starter.

@cfrydenbNo – he was hurting the team as a starter and a reliever. They asked him to go to the minors where hecould work on his mechanics without hurting the team, and he refused, he forced his exit, not the Mets.

@jack_hendon99 They put him in the bullpen and tried to get him figured out in the minors. They didn’t want to cut him. He left them no choice by pitching as badly as he did for three years. I love the guy and am over the moon knowing he pulled it together. But it wasn’t happening in New York.

@Mike__RTA He had a 5.78 era in 2016-17 and a 7.00 era as a Met in 2018 in over 200 innings. They tried making him a reliever (against his will) to see if that worked and it didn’t. Their only option left was to demote him, and he refused. He left them no choice.



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The majority of Mets fans answers are NO. I have received some great answers from the fans on twitter and unfortunately could not pick them all! The ones listed above are the ones that stood out to me the most. I thank everyone who participated in the first blog post of “Ask The Fans!”