“Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.”

**Disclaimer Jeff Wilpon didn’t publicly say that Mets fans are stupid, but we get the hint from the front office decisions mentioned in this article***

The New York Mets are 15 games under .500 before the All-Star break. A solid 36-52 record and 13.5 games out of first place in the NL East. They are 16-29 home and 20-23 on the road. The Mets had their chance to try and dig out of their misery before they were this deep but they kept sinking and they sunk pretty fast.

Its like jumping from a cliff knowing an anchor is attached to you. Why not cut the anchor before jumping so you don’t sink to the bottom? This metaphor represents the decisions the front office makes. Which brings me to the topic of Jeff Wilpon.

The Mets placed Todd Frazier on the DL on Monday July 9th. The Mets or shall I say Jeff Wilpon made the decision to have Jose Reyes start at 3B when there are clearly better options.

Other Options:

  1. Wilmer Flores at 3B with Dominic Smith at 1B (his natural position)
  2. Call up scorching hot Jeff Mcneil who has played 148 games at 3B

But no the Mets chose to call up Ty Kelly as the back up and make Reyes who is batting .168 the everyday 3B.


The Mets excuse has been “Jeff Mcneil can strictly only play 2B”  That’s a laughable statement. Like I mentioned above he has played 148 games at 3B. The decision making in this organization is terrible. Do they really want to make the excuse about “playing out of position” when they had Dom Smith playing LF and they had Kevin Plawecki playing 1B?

Photo edited by Thatmetschick

Look at this tweet right here. Do you really believe Mickey Callaway would say that? Would any manager in their right mind say that? Or do the Wilpons have a gun to the managers head where he cant talk bad about their prized possession in the name of Jose Reyes.

Before I get to the main point of this article let me break down Mondays bullpen decision.  Mickey decided to go with Blevins against a right handed batter. He tried a different strategy as some of the fans have wanted him to do with the bullpen and it actually worked. Blevins, a left handed relief pitcher who is supposed to be a lefty specialist actually has reverse stats this season. He has a 6.75 ERA against lefties and a 2.31 ERA against righties. He made the right decision. The bullpen gave up 0 runs yesterday. ZERO. But yeah lets put the blame on the manager when we have bigger issues.

We can all point fingers at Callaway for his calls in games especially yesterday but come on guys! We got two stinking hits in Monday nights loss. BOTH from Wilmer Flores. The offense is dead. No more salt and pepper!  The bullpen is horrendous because the front office didn’t go out and get quality relievers. Look I’m not making excuses for him because he has made some bad decisions with the bullpen but he is playing with the cards he’s being dealt! And yes you can play your cards right but if the dealer (front office) deals you crappy cards then you lose.


Callaway is the scapegoat here. If he was on another team where ownership cared and put himself in position to win his team would be winning. Look at the New York Yankees: Is Aaron Boone a good manager or is his team extremely good? If you make Aaron Boone the Mets manager he would stink too.


I do not think when Callaway said ” He’s playing pretty good baseball when he’s out there” it was one of his beliefs. I believe that the message is clearly coming from the ownership. We are not stupid Jeff. None of us are. You are hiding behind your general manager and your coaching staff. You only make an appearance when your team wins (2015) and you avoid the media at all costs. When Sandy Alderson announced his cancer came back and you were at the podium with him you knew you couldn’t be attacked by reporters because it was a sad moment for your GM.

You hide and hide and hide and Mets fans aren’t stupid about whats going on anymore.

I bet you were great at playing hide and seek as a kid Jeff.