Do you like the racing stripes of the 80s? The Mets blues? The black uni’s of the 2000s? The solid whites? The cream pinstripes? Or the classic pinstripes?

My favorite Mets uniforms are the blue alternatives. The blue jersey was first introduced in 2012 with the “Los Mets ” in script on the front of them. The jerseys were worn to celebrate Spanish heritage. Since 2013, the Mets have worn the blue jerseys as an alternative to the pinstripes. I also love the blue alternate away jerseys with the silver lettering and numbers.

I also like the 1980s racing stripe jerseys mostly because we won the World Series wearing it! It was very cool seeing players in 2006 and 2016 wear the throwback jerseys. It was also funny to see how different times were. In the 80s and 90s uniforms were tucked tight to fit the player. Now players have sagging uniforms and their pants leg extends below their cleats.

Although this jersey was not the most popular jersey, I did in fact like them. The black jerseys with the black Mets hat and the black socks looked so crisp. I liked how David Wright and Jose Reyes looked in 2006 especially the NL East clincher at Shea Stadium. Many people wanted the black uniforms long gone. Others that I have spoken to miss them.

Brief history of New York Mets jerseys:

Home Uniform 1962-64
Home Uniform 1965-77
Home Uniform 1978-82
Road Alternate 1982-84
Home Uniform 1983-90
Road Uniform 1987
Home Uniform 1993-94
1997 ice cream alternative
Home White Uniform 1998, 2000-2011
Road Uniform 1998-2011
Black Alternate Uniform 1998, 2000-2012
Home Pinstripe Uniform 2000-2009
2012-14 Home Pinstripe (Cream colors)
2013-present Home Blue Alternate
2013- present Road Blue Alternate
2015-present White pinstripe uniforms


So Mets fans what are your favorite jersey’s and why?