This week I asked Mets fans on twitter if they thought Brandon Nimmo was snubbed of a spot on the All-Star roster. See how I wrote spot on the roster and not in the starting lineup? He could have been chosen on the final ballot or even as a players vote to be a back up. And lets not forget that the Mets sent Brandon Nimmo down to the minors in April for a couple of games. What were they thinking?


Here are some notable stats for Nimmo (stats as of July 9th):

  • 149 Adjusted OPS+ (4th)
  • 144 wRC+ (3rd)
  • .517 SLG% (10th)
  • .384 OBP (11th)
  • .387 wOBA (5th)
  • .881 (OPS) (13th)



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Here’s what our writers said:

@thatmetschick:  Yes because his OPS, WrC and wOBA are high up there with some of the best in the game. The all star game is a popularity contest and instead of voting in the best players in baseball, fans are voting in their “man crushes.” as one would say.  Major League Baseball has to do a better job marketing players that are doing well THAT SEASON. We cannot base a players success in 2018 off of 2017 stats. The past is the past. It’s called the 2018 all-star game for a reason. Although Nimmo has cooled down since being hit by a pitch in late June (even though he said thats not an excuse) he is still worthy of being an all-star. So yes Nimmo got snubbed. He should be on the roster as a back up for sure.

@Marissamets: Yes, he was snubbed in my opinion. He should’ve been a reserve or at the very least a final vote candidate. I don’t think that previously good years should have anything to do with THIS all star game, for example Bryce Harper and Matt Carpenter.

@MetsGal : I think it’s complicated. I feel like they need to rethink the criteria for how someone is added to the ballot because write ins rarely work. So if you ask me, he was snubbed by not being put on the ballot.

@ChristinaMets15:  I’d say the Mets not fighting to get him on the ballot really hurt. It’d be less of a snub if every one had an opportunity to vote for him and see his stars alongside other players rather than being relegated to a write in campaign.


Here is what Mets fans on twitter had to say:

@hossain1993 Yes. Nimmo (if he was in the All Star ballot) would’ve had more recognition enough to at least be in the All-Star reserve list. His recent cool down is also not a good representation of his season as well as he’s still a better fit this season vs. Harper.

@vodkasnowflake : Snubbed, but it’s not like he’s been in the spotlight all season (and the spotlight counts with these things). I blame the org for burying him from the start and making it difficult for him getting less playing time and less of a shot at doing his thing.

@jbang5234Yes, but the All-Star Game is not a true representation of who is playing at an elite level in any given year. It’s a popularity contest that relies on 2-3 good years and/or whoever is getting hyped by the big media outlets.

@raaaaakuhns : I think a lot of it has to do with him kinda hitting a rough patch the last few weeks. Plus I know his OPS is top 5 in the league. But fans usually look at Batting average, homeruns, and rbis . If degrom wasn’t an allstar he would’ve made it.

@Eric_Albers17He leads NL OF in wRC+. Nothing can justify leaving the statiscally best hitter at his position, up to this point, out of the all-star game.

@nanamarjieyes he was snubbed. HE is in the top five in a lot of the categories but because he is on the Mets he didn’t get the call. Instead Bryce Harper gets in by popular vote because the game is in Washington. Brandon wasn’t even in the list which is worse. He so deserved to be named.

@Cuso__Absolutely. Nimmo’s second among NL OF in OPS and ranks high in the NL with his 2.5 WAR(3rd among OF), 149 OPS+(4th in the NL), 144 wRC+(3rd), .517 SLG(10th), .384 OBP (11th), & .387 wOBA(5th). That absolutely deserves an All-Star nomination.

@shmanoosss : Not snubbed at all. Kid is great. He’s a solid player, a fan favorite, a true asset to our team. He’s really good! But he’s not top 6 or so OF in the NFL right now.

I posted this one because well… you figure it out.- Bre^^

@KennyGooHis fWAR and WRC+ shoulda made him a starter. You can’t look at his overall production this year and not acknowledge that he earned it over Kemp, Yelich, Blackmon, and *especially* Harper.

@jensun123I didn’t see it as a snub. I love Nimmo, he’s really good, but I don’t see All-Star yet. It’s only maybe a snub in comparison to other players, but in a vacuum no. Like with deGrom, I knew he deserved it in a vacuum. That’s the difference to me.

@RickyR513: Absolutely not. He’s having a nice first half, but he has cooled off considerably of late, and his average is down to a .260. Others were much more deserving.

@goodfundiesI didn’t think Brandon was snubbed until some articles about All-Star snubs did not mention him, which I guess makes it a double snubbing. It’s also proof that the players are about as smart as the league in knowing how to promote the game. Nimmo might be the most marketable New York Met…ever?

The all-star game is right around the corner and unfortunately for Mets fans we have one one all-star which is Jacob deGrom. Maybe if the Mets were performing better he would have a spot or maybe if he was on the ballot to begin with …..but who knows.

Thanks for participating in this weeks ask the fans! Catch ya next time!


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