Hey now you’re an all Star, get your game on, go play. – Smash mouth

Jacob deGrom’s ERA is now a stellar 1.68, leading the major leagues. He has held opponents to .379 OPS with runners in scoring position. If the season ended today he would have the 13th best ERA of all time. That would put him up there with some of the greats.




Chasing Mets History:

1985 Dwight Gooden (pre-ASG): 20 Starts 153 K 1.68 ERA 0.989 WHIP .203/.262/.276 

2018 Jacob deGrom (pre-ASG): 19 Starts 149 K 1.68 ERA 0.973 WHIP .202/.259/.291 



All time ERA leaders



To put in perspective how good Jacob deGrom has been lets look at his NL ranks for pitchers:

  • 6.0 WAR (1st)
  • 1.68 ERA (1st)
  • 0.97 WHIP (2nd)
  • 6.57 H/9 (4th)
  • 2.19 BB/9 (7th)
  • 10.9 SO/9 (4th)
  • 123.1 IP (2nd)
  • 149 Strikeouts (2nd)
  • 0.51 HR/9 (2nd)
  • 228 Adjusted ERA (1st)
  • 2.30 FIP (1st)
  • 3.7 WPA (1st)


Stats from baseballreference.com and fangraphs.com


deGrom’s win total stands at 5. Harold Reynolds from MLB Network stated that deGrom hasn’t separated himself from other starters because of his win total. His earned run average is .73 lower than Max Scherzer who has 12 wins. Come on Reynolds its 2018, wins are not everything for pitchers. But given Reynolds bad takes I didn’t expect anything less.



Overall, Jacob deGrom’s career has been magnificent. He is the true ace of the New York Mets. He has allowed one run or less in 58 of his first 126 starts. That’s 46% of his starts. It is truly remarkable how good he has been. Mets fans are lucky to see him pitch every 5 days. I want to see the Mets extend him because a pitcher like this does not come around that often.


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