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Michael Mayer of MetsmerizedOnline: According to a person in the Mets organization “there is ZERO truth to whatever that person said.”

Update: 4:30pm

According to Vinny Messana, the Mets requested permission to talk with Backman. He’s under contract with the New Britain Bees currently. Wally is determined to get back into the big leagues and the Mets are eager to change the perception of the franchise.

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According ta recent tweet the Mets have discussed having Wally Backman as a replacement manager for Mickey Callaway. Now is this true or credible? Who knows? It is still a good topic to discuss.

I also screen shotted it just in case the tweet gets deleted

If you were listening to WOR last night Wally Backman was on the show and he was basically lobbying for the job. He’s itching to manage in the big leagues. Backman was a  former 1986 world champion with the Mets and he has previously managed their triple A team, The Las Vegas 51s.

When the Mets were searching for their manager in the winter of 2017, Backmans name surfaced in managerial discussions but Sandy Alderson had no interest in him.  Alderson fired him after the 2016 season and the bottom line is that resulted in the Las Vegas 51’s finishing 30 games below .500. Backman still however reached out to the Mets at that time but they decided to interview different candidates and ultimately hired Mickey Callaway.

This is what Backman had to say this offseason:

There’s been a bad roadblock, and I know where it’s coming from, In the last phone call I had with Sandy  ‘I will do anything I can to help you.’ But he is not an honest man. People are telling me, ‘Sandy has it in for you. You’re being blackballed.’

Backman’s coaching career has always been problematic: he lost the job as Diamondbacks manager in December 2004 after just four days, the blowback from a previously undisclosed domestic violence arrest and DUI conviction.

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Sandy Alderson is no longer the general manager of the Mets. If Backmans wants to return to the Mets organization do you think he would contact the new 3 headed GMs?   Would the new GM’s even consider him to be the next manager of the New York Mets?

Here are some videos of Wally Backman’s antics: