The 23 year old power hitting 1st basemen, Peter Alonso is hitting .271 with 22 HR and 76 runs driven in in 2018. His OBP is .398 and he is slugging .526. However, since being called up to triple A, Alonso has struggled batting .178 in 101 plate appearances. 7 of his 18 hits in Las Vegas have been home-runs.  He is currently ranked the #77 prospect by Baseball America.

On July 15, 2018 at the all star futures game, Alonso hit a mammoth of a home-run that broke stat cast records. His exit velocity was 114mph and the ball went 415 feet to left field at Nationals Park. There had never been a home run of 113+ mph and a 40+ degree launch angle measured by stat cast until Alonso hit that 7th inning home run to give team USA a 9-6 lead.


This brings me to the question of the week. Is Peter Alonso major league ready based on his overall stats?

Here is what our writers had to say:

@thatmetschick: Based on his recent struggles in Las Vegas I think he needs more time in the minors to grow. I do see him as a September call up. I have faith that he will start hitting again soon like he did in Binghamton. He hit a grand slam on July 14th and of course his bomb in the futures game. I just hope they treat him better than the way they handled Dominic Smith.

@MarissaMets: I think he could be ready but I’d wait and let him play in Las Vegas until he can hit a groove there since he has gotten off to a slow start ever since his call up to AAA.

@MetsGal : I think we should let him build his confidence but I can’t wait to see him in  the big leagues.

@ChristinaMets15 : I want him to be ready, but he likely isn’t. Seems like he’s still trying to adjust to the pitching in AAA. He could probably mash HRs if promoted, but the Mets should be adamant about promoting McNeil more than Alonso atm.

Here is what fans on twitter had to say:

: No, he’s not ready right now, but that’s okay. Just because this team is terrible and needs some positive signs, it doesn’t mean he should be rushed do the majors. Let him develop on his own path, and call him up when he’s ready. That time just isn’t right now.

:  He’s MLB ready. Maybe not 100% but look at the other options the Mets have for first base. Is 75% of Peter Alonso better than 100% of Dominic Smith? If the Mets are going to trade Wilmer and Joey Bats at the deadline, they need to answer that question because Smith isn’t working.

 : After a slow start Peter seems to be adjusting well to Triple-A in the recent week. By September 1 he should be ready for a callup. The real question is if at that point will they play him every day as they absolutely should. Or will they screw him up with sporadic playing time.

@davreyavery: He should be brought up immediately. No reason to keep him down the way the team has struggled offensively. It would give the fans a desperately needed reason to get excited about next year.

@JGCardinaleNow is not the time to bring him up. There is a negative “we need a savior” atmosphere here right now & he definitely should not be exposed to that kind of atmosphere. Let him stay positive where he is, develop a bit more, & bring him up in Sept. at the earliest.

@jack_hendon99I think he is, but I completely understand why he isn’t up yet, and if the Dom/Amed nonsense has been any indication, I’m glad the current regime isn’t handling his playing time.

@KennyGooI think he’s ready to be called up and tested at the MLB level in preparation for next season, yes.

@MrMet_CPAMaybe not right this minute, but he does seem to be close. One thing’s for sure: It doesn’t appear that Dom Smith will be around for much longer.




Peter Alonso if you are reading this: keep working hard and mute out the haters. This article wasn’t about putting you down, rather it was to motivate you. You are so close to being with the major league team, so keep working hard in Las Vegas and your time will come. Mets fans are a loyal group and we are rooting for you. We can’t wait to see you smashing home-runs in Queens! #LGM