Happy Friday! TGIF! In this weeks “ask the fans” I asked if the Mets should trade Zack Wheeler.

In 19 starts Wheeler has a  4.33 ERA with a FIP of 3.68. He has struck out 109 batters in 114.1 innings pitched. Wheeler’s been pitching better than his ERA indicates.

Zack Wheeler‘s stats for the month of June: and where they rank among N.L. starting pitchers (min. 20 IP):

  • FIP: 3.24 (14th)
  • Soft Hit %: 27.1 (3rd)
  • Hard Hit %: 25.2 (4th lowest)
  • WPA: 0.67 (10th)
  • Swinging Strike %: 11.6 (16th)

*Out of 67 NL pitchers*




Other notable stats from fangraphs.com:

  • 7.8 K/9
  • 3.1 BB/9
  • 0.56 HR/9
  • 43.6 percent ground-ball rate through 114 IP


Wheeler has pitched to a 3.50 ERA and a 1.17 WHIP over his past 10 starts. Over the last couple of days, The Milwalkee Brewers have been interested in acquiring the 28 year old right hander.  Wheeler is a free agent after the 2019 season.


Here is what our writers had to say:

@ThatMetsChick: I would love to keep Wheeler because of his maturity and growth. It seems that he is fully healthy and making adjustments however if we can get a good prospect back I am all for trading him. The player that I am looking at on the Brewers is Cory Ray (age 23/Double-A/ OF). If we could package Wheeler and Cabrera and get Ray then that would be a great upgrade to our farm system.

Cory Ray’s stats: 99 games, 395 AB, .261 BA, .350 OBP, .514 SLG, .864 OPS, 28 2B, 6 3B, 20 HR, 66 R, 59 RBI, 32 SB, 49 BB, 123 K.

In his last 8 games:  31 AB, 13 H, 4 2B, 4 HR, 8 R, 7 RBI, 4 SB, 1 BB, 10 K, .419 BA.

@MarissaMetsYes. This team doesn’t seem destined to succeed in 2019 which would be his last year as a Met barring an extension. There’s so many contending teams that need pitching and very little pitching available that it seems like they’d get value back for him

@MetsGal : I think for the right deal, almost anyone is on the table. I think you build around deGrom, Nimmo, Conforto and Alonso.

@ChristinaMets15:  The Mets are *supposed* to be in rebuild mode and it would make sense to trade Wheeler, and ideally they’d get a nice return since he isn’t a rental. He’s healthy and would obviously be helpful on a Mets team with high expectations for next year. But fans aren’t delusional. If it’s the same shit next year Then we’ll have held on to Wheeler for no good reason.


Here is what Mets twitter had to say:

@MetsDaddy2013After seeing the Familia deal, where Riccardi moved the Mets best trade chip for his friend’s kid (Toffey), no one under control for 2019 should be moved until the Mets get their new front office in place.

@MsMet_Susan : Depends on who we’re able to acquire in a trade for him. Bottom line, Mets could still piece together a solid starting rotation w/o Zack. He’s pitching well enough where we could get a decent return. We need to fill voids & rebuild our farm system.

@ericsslaterNo. The Mets’ strength right now is their starting pitching, and this is what they must build around. The bullpen needs a total overhaul, and the lineup can’t hit their out of a wet paper bag. These areas need to be fixed. It makes no sense to weaken the team in all facets.

@ReyBrutalNo, because this team currently lacks a reliable GM and he has another year of control. The chances of them getting even his exact value back in a return is questionable at best.

@jflan816 : No, pitching is the Mets only strength right now, and when you have pitching as talented as they do you build around it. With this free agent class as deep as it is, it’s time the Wilpons open up their wallets and actually spend real money wisely.

@kranepoolCommissioner Manfred should issue a stop work order on the Mets front office until a new GM is named.

@CBrown3042I think they shouldn’t,mainly because I don’t believe the Front Office is capable of getting the return we need.Also,the team is not that far off.With smart trades of veterans (Cabrera, Mesoraco, Ect) and making a few impact Free Agent signings.This team could make the playoffs.

@shizzambangleIn theory, the Mets should be trading anything and everything they can for maximum return value. All things considered, Wheeler, Degrom and Matz are at an all time high. The problem is that nobody within the FO is skilled or savvy enough to pull off a great deal.

@Panic_Citi : No. Wheeler’s upside as a stuff-monster is greater than any prospects you could get for him at this point in time as an *unproven* stuff-monster. If they think they’ll be relevant in 2019, they have to keep him and hope the front four starters can lead the charge.

@Goose_Se7enThe Mets should NOT trade Wheeler. They are in essence a team still built around pitching & trading him a way weakens that strength. We need our current players to produce & stay healthy. I don’t see how our Opening Day lineup when healthy & producing isn’t a playoff team.

@FMSD14 : Yes. The likelihood that the Mets extend him, after next year, 8s small. He’s also at the highest value he’s had since being drafted. His current value, which odds are, won’t go up is the reason to move him. That is assuming there is value, unlike the Familia deal.

@nyc_sportzYes I think they have to trade him. He has good value in a market that’s desperate for SPs. If they keep him & pretend like they can compete next year, they’re going to suck again & be in this same position except Wheeler‘s an expiring contract & they’ll just salary dump him.


The trade deadline is just 4 days away and anything can happen. There is a chance we keep Wheeler and their is a change we trade him. Like I said earlier, If we trade him it better be for a prospect and not an unranked minor leaguer that is friends with Mets GM John Ricco.