With the Mets reeling from another injury-riddled year, the administration seems to be scrambling for answers. They’ve lost Cespedes, Bruce, and Syndergaard for extended periods of time, and of course, have been without Wright since the turn of the decade.

Reporters got a hold of Callaway for some comments.

“You show them every day that you care about them,” Callaway said of the players. “And we will care about them. It won’t just be an act . . . I’m going to love every one of them and the fans should too.”

This all comes after Aaron Judge’s recent wrist fracture on Thursday night. Yankees fans, mid-game, held a “candlelight vigil” for the slugger and, because of their prayers, he is only out for 3 weeks.


Yankees fans held a cell phone "candlelight vigil" when they realized Aaron Judge was going to the hospital for an MRI exam on his right wrist.
Yankees fans held a cellphone “candlelight vigil” when they realized Aaron Judge was going to the hospital for an MRI exam on his right wrist. – Paul J. Bereswill


Callaway lamented the loss of Cespedes for the year. One source says that Callaway privately blames Mets fans for not holding a similar cellphone vigil early in the season. “It’s about showing we care about these guys, you know?” he added. “Look at the 7 Line! They’re a walking vigil! No one gets injured when they’re around.”

While reporters moved on to retrieve player quotes following the 12-6 win over the Pirates, one head of the Mets GM Cerberus lingered.

Omar Minaya was leaning against a wall, phone in hand. When probed about what he was doing to remedy the injury situation, Omar admitted he was in the middle of setting up an offshore cryptocurrency charity account. “That way,” he said, “our loyal fans can better serve the players.”


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UPDATE: Yesterday, a gofundme.com profile was created by Fred & Jeff Wilpon when news broke that their insurance policy wouldn’t cover Cespedes’ salary. When informed that Go Fund Me takes 2.9% out along with $0.30 per donation, the Wilpons deleted the page. They are now taking Venmo donations. It does not seem clear whether Minaya and the Wilpons know of each other’s endeavors.

When asked for comments, Mickey Callaway said he was unaware of what Venmo or Bitcoin was. “I don’t remember them playing in Cleveland last year,” he added.

UPDATE: The Mets’ Venmo now has a single donation. $0.10 and labeled with a toxic waste emoji. The anonymous donor had a very interesting, albeit long message. Reproduced as follows: “Reyes is the single worst thing to ever happen to the Mets. 2007 and 2008 mets had historic collapses because Reyes hit under 200 and made everyone lose focus and urgency. Mets were in the World Series in 2015 before Reyes showed up since he returned mets are 38 games under”


This piece was written by Bre, Christina, Marissa and Jeannette.