Mets fans have a sense of humor and we get that from suffering as a fan base. There are tons of accounts that post funny content such as Goodfundies, MeekPhil_ and Metskevin11 just to name a few off the top of my head.

Yesterday, right after Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Sean Newcomb lost his no hitter with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, homophobic and racist tweets from 2011 were retweeted on his twitter account. YIKES! How do you not delete those after the Josh Hader situation! Or how about just don’t post those tweets to begin with! But then again he was just a child….right Jon Heyman?

Everyone on twitter was joking and blasting Newcomb for his tweets. The funniest tweet that I saw was from Miss_met.

Shannon AKA Miss_Met uncovered a Mets player’s tweet from February 2nd, 2014. Michael Conforto wrote a very plain tweet with no context what so ever. I am glad that none of the Mets have racist or homophobic tweets to discover in 2018. Although there was the Syndergaard homophobic tweet from 2012, which he was already criticized on.


Her caption to Michael Conforto’s tweet below wins Mets Twitter Tweet Of The Week.


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Image result for michael conforto gif