Mets Fan Wants Refund on Season Tickets:

Therapy Bills Too High After Garbage Season


Last night the Mets got a beat down in the capital with a final score of 25-4. Steven Matz gave up 7 runs in 2/3 IP. Jose Reyes made his Major League pitching debut giving up 6 runs in 1 inning pitched. He also hit a batter (because of course he did). It was an embarrassing loss in an embarrassing 2018 trainwreck season.

Omar Minaya told us he was most upset that Mickey Callaway didn’t take the mound. “We saw him laughing with fan favorite angel Jose Reyes and we were sure he’d take the field to save us some arms. It’s really uncalled for the way he inappropriately underuses the veterans and puts them into poor situations, like pitching, when they FINALLY play.”

What else could go wrong for this team with 50+ games remaining in the season? Pretty much anything. Fans are disappointed in the team’s overall performance and as I mentioned in other articles it stems beyond the active 25 man roster. The source of dysfunction in this organization is from the ownership. The Wilpons.  I sat down with one fan who has contacted their ticket rep with a bone to pick.

Her ticket rep called immediately following what the fan described as a strongly worded email. The fan sent another email back with the following scathing message: “I didn’t pay money to watch a AA team play major league teams. I understand that teams lose and don’t always have great years but the ownership has failed to even put together something that resembles a professional ball club and that feels like a breach of contract to me.”

The actual email to ticket rep Steve


After several back and forth messages, the ticket rep called in the big guns. J.P Ricciardi called and explained to the fan, “Would a minor league team have the guts to tell you that we’ll be competitive next year? I don’t think so.” “Would a minor league team have the nerve to trade older players for younger ones? Didn’t think so either!”

The fan was, naturally, disgusted. Like we say at the blog all the time and totally didn’t make up this morning, “If Reyes is the virus, than the Wilpons are the plague.”

The actual follow up email to Steve


So, buckle up fans. If you too were sucked in by the 11-1 start, prepare for locusts! Prepare for newborns being fed to crocodiles! Prepare for rapture– because the talent disappeared and left floating jerseys on the field.


Written by Bre, Christina, Marissa and Jeanette