Hi Mets fans! This has been a very difficult season for many fans. It’s been embarrassing and pathetic watching this team the majority of the time. Here are some guides on how to survive the rest of the 2018 season. Disclaimer: These guidelines are taken from actual fans on Mets twitter and by no means do you have to follow them. Rated M for mature. 

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Drink up!

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Binge watch netflix instead

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Eat until you feel like shit.

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Image result for pray gif

Cry a little. It’s okay.

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Take a breather.

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Continue watching the team to see the youngins.

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Accept the fact that they are hot garbage and root for deGrom to win the Cy Young

Image result for degrom gif

If you have to attend the games, buy tickets in the 300 level so you have access to the vodka bar.

Image result for vodka bar gif

Turn off your tv.

Image result for shut off the tv gif

Start watching the NFL again!

Image result for football gif

Continue watch to witness a Jose Reyes DFA (LOL OKAY)

Image result for jose reyes gif

Watch another baseball team that you like besides the Mets?

Image result for mlb gif

Root for the underdogs in the playoff race?

Image result for a's gif

Continue to watch to possibly witness a David Wright return?

Image result for david wright gif


Most people said drink so here is another one.

Image result for drinking gif

Get some therapy if needed.

Image result for therapy gif

Stop fighting with other Mets fans on twitter.

Image result for baseball brawl gif

Vent on twitter about the Mets.

Image result for venting gif

Go to the game with family and pretend this isn’t a crappy team. (order from shake shack if you can)

Image result for family at baseball game gif

Go to the gym to work out your anger.

Image result for gym gif


Youtube old Mets clips from the good old days.

Image result for 1986 mets gif

Root against your rivals in the playoff race!

Image result for braves mets gif

Enjoy $5 tickets from stubhub!

Image result for mets fan gif

Go to the games to get the Mets giveaways (t-shirts, bobble heads, etc)

Image result for mets bobblehead gif

Boycott the team?

Image result for boycott gif

Root for individual players on the Mets.

Image result for Brandon nimmo gifs

Start playing draft kings or start sports betting (legal in NJ)

Image result for sports betting gif

Have plenty of Sex = Stress relief.

Image result for quagmire gif'

Compare the Mets to other shitty teams ( 2018 Royals, Orioles, Tigers.)

Image result for looking down gif

Save a bunch on gas and parking and go see the Long Island Ducks play.

Image result for long island ducks gif

Play Fornite instead of watching them!

Image result for fortnite gif

Take your medication before watching!

Image result for medication gif

Follow funny and sarcastic twitter accounts to make you laugh!

Image result for mets twitter gif

Try to ignore the people who insult the Mets. Only Mets fans can do that right?

Image result for mets fans gif

Pretend the Mets are just a tv show about baseball written by Larry David.

Image result for larry david gif

Reference the Mets in a series of the office Gifs and Memes.

Image result for the office gif

Wear your sell the team shirts loud and proud. #wilpons #berniemadoff

Image result for the office gif

Drink some more until you are delusional enough to believe will force the wilpons to sell.

Image result for wilpons gif


Try to be optimistic about the 2019 season but remember it’s the Mets we are talking about.

Image result for mets fans gif





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