This weeks “Mets Twitters tweet of the week” goes out to a girl who went to a Mets game on her birthday at Nationals Park. A truly heartbreaking 4 part story shown in pictures.


Lets break down the 4 pictures taken:

  1. She takes a mirror pic selfie and is rocking blue and orange. Clearly she is excited to go see her favorite team play especially on her birthday.
  2.  She takes a picture of Nationals Park from her seats before the game starts. She loves the Mets.
  3. The score is now 13-0 in the third inning and she want to kill herself.
  4.  Bottom of the 8th. The score is 25-1 and she is still rocking her orange and blue but now it looks like she wants to kill someone.


Line chart


Kudos to you girl for staying the whole game especially on your birthday! I hope you had a ton of drinks to make time go by faster and ease the misery of that game!

The tweet instantly went viral. Sometimes being a Mets fan can be funny… to other people. We hide our misery through our humor.

The tweet currently has 8913 retweets and 44512 likes.


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Mets fans at that 25-4 game