The Mets are considering moving former #1 prospect Amed Rosario to Center Field in the near future which would allow the team to open up a spot at Shortstop. Now the Mets have 4 options here:

  1. Keep Rosario at SS and go get a true Center fielder
  2. Keep Rosario at SS and rotate the OF- Nimmo, Conforto, Bruce, Lagares
  3. Move him to CF and sign Manny Machado to play SS
  4. Move him to CF and resign Jose Reyes on a short deal (LOL please no)


The Mets also have top shortstop prospect Andres Gimenez is currently in double A. He is 20 years old and still needs time to progress through the minors. In Double-A Binghamton, he is hitting .304 over 13 games.

Whoever the new GM will be this offseason needs to come up with a creative way to make this team better. There are holes in this roster for the 2019 season but very little roster room to add/move pieces. The Mets are invested in Todd Frazier, Jay Bruce and Yoenis Cespedes in 2019 along with other names so it is going to be hard to add roster depth when we are already committed to these guys.

I believe the Mets should get creative and find ways to move Frazier and Bruce for more athletic players. The team lacks athleticism, speed and defense. I highly doubt they will try and sign Machado but if the new General Manager and the Wilpons want to make an impressing statement to the fans, that will sure be one.