Last Friday I was very bored at work. All my work was complete so I thought of trying to search for Jeff Wilpons email address. I previously worked for an insurance company and there was a website we used to get a person’s current email address and other information. Yes it is all legal. I quickly found his email and began typing a very angry letter that didn’t take up much time out of my boring Friday.

Here is the letter:

Dear Mets ownership,

I see you built a winner outside of the Mets, that’s great. Your overwatch team has had a lot of success but your big market team, the New York Mets have not. You can say all you want about payroll and that we are trying to win ball games and put the best product on the field but that is total BS and the fans know it.

Example A:

You sign Jason Vargas in the offseason to a 2 year 16 million dollar deal.

You had the other option of going out and getting Jake Arrieta who didn’t sign with the division rival Phillies until March 11th. Who is the better player? Who draws ticket sales? Who did Mets fans want?

Example B:

You sign Jay Bruce in the offseason to a 3 year 39 million dollar deal.

Again you had other options. Lorenzo Cain. The Mets lack speed and defense and rely on pitching. Don’t you think pitching and defense go hand in hand? Then why put Bruce out in RF and put Michael Conforto out of position. Cain would have helped this team. This is common sense. You went with the cheaper player. Yes people see his name and will go to the game to see him but he wasnt the best outfielder available in the offseason. Go with the best product not the cheaper solution next time.

Mets fans are disgusted with the way ownership has handled this team. 2015 seems like 100 years ago. We might never win again it feels like. It’s embarrassing to be a Mets fan. You want to draw in fans and make them stay? You want to earn money? Give us the best product on the field. Stop loading the team with washed up veterans that we don’t need or want. Get rid of Jose Reyes. He is batting .180 and is garbage. You think I want to go to citi field to see him strikeout all the time?

If you sign Bryce Harper or Manny Machado (which NONE of your fans think you are capable of doing since you like to pocket your money) then the fans will open their wallets and go to games.

PUT THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE FIELD. And when I say the best I do not mean players that were good 5-10 years ago.. *cough cough* Adrian Gonzalez or Jose Bautista. Give me fresh new faces. Impact players. Players that will make fans want to buy jerseys and run down to a sold out citi field.

Also stop meddling with the team so much. Day to day operations are supposed to be handled by the GM, training staff and coaches. The only reason why Reyes is on this team is because of you. It’s a no brainer. If the GM had say in the Mets operations then he would have been DFA’d months ago. This isn’t 2006 Jeff, he is not good anymore. Maybe if you would follow how you operate your overwatch team then you might see some success with the Mets. What I am trying to say is let the GM do their job. Hire someone who is going to do all the work and stay out of the way. PLEASE.

Fans are tired of the lies. You say there is no payroll issue yet you are hesitant to spend. Is the Bernie Madoff scandal still effecting you? Why aren’t you reinvesting David Wrights insurance money? Why do you consider the insurance money still part of the Mets payroll. Why is it so hard to get an honest answer from ownership about the state of the Mets, the team I love? As a fan I am disgusted with this team and lies. You are losing fans and are going to lose money if you don’t get things straight.

P.S- Check this article out while you are at it:

Sincerley a very sad Mets fan,


I sent the email holding my breath that he would get it and read it. I even put a read confirmation on it so I would get alerted. A few minutes later I recieved an email back that stated “Your message wasn’t delivered to _________________ because the address  is unable to receive mail.

Jeff Wilpon must have set up his email to only receive mail from people in his contacts. Smart man because if he didn’t everyone would have already been sending him angry letters.