Mets fans know who their favorite player is but what about their least favorite player?

I am going to run down a list of players that either fans dislike because they did poorly overall as a Met or because they had one bad play that Mets fans will never forget:

  • Jose Reyes (2018?)

  • Vince Coleman

  • George Foster

  • Bobby Bonilla

  • Luis Castillo

  • Lastings Milledge

  • Oliver Perez

  • Jason Bay

  • Don Zimmer

  • Jon Niese

  • Jeremy Burnitz

  • Mike Hampton

  • Armando Benitez

  • Aaron Heilman

  • Steve Trachsel aka the Human Rain Delay

  • Tom Glavine

  • Braden Looper

  • Guillermo Mota

  • Hansel Robles

  • Timo Perez

  • Carlos Beltran ( I still love him)

We can talk about Beltran not swinging at a nasty curveball or Castillo’s dropped pop up in the subway series. Those were some heart breaking moments. We can talk about Benitez giving fans heart attacks in the 9th inning of a close game ( similar to what Familia did for us) or Looper blowing saves for the Mets.

So who is your all time hated Mets player? If there is a player not on the list comment below!

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