How would I describe this fan? Entitled. He feels entitled.

Aaron Judge was out to dinner with his girl friend when a couple noticed them and started taking pictures. Judge who has been sidelined since the end of July was enjoying his meal and minding his own business. After their dinner the couple went up to Judge and wanted to take pictures and have him sign autographs. (Like on a napkin? Where would you want him to sign? LOL)  He declined.

The couple then went to social media to express their anger and sadness.

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Cry dude cry. Talk about entitlement. The guy owes you nothing. He wasn’t being rude you just got upset because while hes out on a date with his girl and he denied you. Maybe he felt uncomfortable because you kept taking pictures of him. I know I would. He also went on to talk about Judge’s wrist injury. He thinks baseball injuries hinder something as simple as lifting a cup or fork at a restaurant.

This reminds me of the time I was at Citi Field and Clayton Kershaw was shagging fly balls during batting practice and a fan kept yelling at him to sign. The grown man cried and cried and eventually when Kershaw came over he went nuts. I was standing right next to Kershaw and the grown man pushed me out of the way. “Come on Kershaw you promised you would sign,” the man weeped. Kershaw then replied ” I never promised you anything.” He signed for my friends and I and then went back to fielding. Great memory! Here is a picture of me with him for proof if I have any doubters:



ANYWAY: You know you shouldn’t have made that tweet when even Mets fans are coming at you defending Aaron Judge. Look Judge is a hell of a player. He seems like a good person. He even played with Brandon Nimmo in travel ball and said some great things about him. I have no dislike for Judge.

If he doesn’t want to take a picture with you don’t complain on social media. It’s almost if as you were implying he was wrong and that twitter should be outraged but it turned out to be the complete opposite and rightfully so.

The guy that posted the tweet immediately went private after his reply to retweet ratio was tripled. LOL


Here is a funny tweet from one of our writers in regards to the Judge tweets