I want to start off by saying that I am not a violent person, I just really enjoy watching fights break out in sports. I can’t quite describe the feeling I get when I see a baseball fight break out. Maybe it’s the stupidity of the whole thing or the bullpen guys sprinting across the field to get into the action, but whatever it is, I just can’t get enough. With all the fights breaking out in the MLB lately, I thought I would compile a list of my top 10 MLB fights. Enjoy the punches, headlocks and kicks and let me know if I left out your favorite brawl.

  1. Armando Benitez and Tino Martinez

This fight is just something wonderful. It starts with Martinez getting drilled in the back, and it ends with the teams fighting in the dugout. Darryl Strawberry got involved and the whole thing is a beautiful mess.

  1. Juan Marichal and  Johnny Roseboro

This one is the definition of old school baseball. Instead of using the old-fashioned fist, the Dodgers come running towards Marichal equipped with bats. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the resourcefulness of this fight. It also showcases the classic Giants/Dodgers rivalry when they were still over on the east coast.


  1. Padres and Braves AND the Fans

I’m a big fan of the whole “getting the fans involved” idea they have going here. I have always believed that fans should be able to have a more active role in the games, and this gives me exactly what I want. Plus there’s a couple arrests and some good stories to tell the grand-kids.


  1. Robin Ventura and Nolan Ryan

The headlock. That is all.


  1. Danny Darwin and Henry Rodriguez

Danny hits Henry and all hell breaks loose. One second you think its over and then BAM they’re back at it. It’s a 2 for 1 special, baby.


  1. Yordano Ventura and Manny Machado

I want to start this by saying rest in peace to Ventura. He was a gifted pitcher and he will continue to be missed. I send my well wishes to his family.

 Things start with a close call from Ventura and some dirty glances from Machado and it ends with a fight. The hats, the bodies, the beauty.


  1. Gerard Williams and Pedro Martinez

There is a lot going on in this one. A lot. I’m gonna start with the tone and voice of the announcer. It is such a typical 90s/00s broadcaster voice. The words are drawn out, the rasp, the lack of real emotion. It’s the perfect soundtrack to grown men fighting like kids. Anyways, Martinez hits Williams near the wrist and at first the only thing that comes out of it is a dirty look. You start to think that maybe nothing is gonna go down as Williams starts his way to first until he makes a quick move to the mound. The man literally pulled a sneak attack. So many style points


  1. Don Zimmer and Pedro Martinez.

If I made this list without adding a Yankee/Red Sox fight, my brother would disown me. This one is a classic in so many ways. First of all, it happens in the playoffs, so that just makes it 10 times better. Second of all, it has Pedro Martinez’s blank stare in it. This man literally keeps a dumb blank look on his face as he throws Yankees’ 72 year old Don Zimmer to the ground. Martinez had hit Karrim Garcia’s bat earlier in the game which originally sparked the tension. It’s not until Ramirez throws over Roger Clemens’ head that the benches clear.


  1. Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista

I like to call this one “The punch heard round the world”.  Bautista makes a controversial slide into Odor at second, and the fight begins.


  1. Chan Ho Park.

This fight can be underwhelming at the surface, but Park performs a perfect bicycle kick to “kick” off the fight. This is something I have never seen before in any sport, and because of that, it made the list.


Honorable Mentions


Harper helmet throw:


Nolan Arenado and Luis Perdomo:



What’s your top 10 MLB fights?