162 games is a long season. The Mets usually start their season out on the East Coast in cold and sometimes frigid weather. By the time it’s September and October the weather starts to drop again. Players are worn down and by September teams that already clinch play their minor leaguers to rest their all stars. That’s definitely not what the fans came to the stadium for.

There has been recent talks from Mets blogs about canceling out the June calendar month to show that we are still a mediocre team. How about canceling out every month after April?!

Rob Manfred recently told reporters that he is considering starting the season earlier to benefit the players. The idea is to start the season in March and end the season in April. The playoffs will then begin in May and June during the warmer weather and all 30 teams will have a chance at the World Series crown.

This will benefit hot-start teams like the Mets.

Omar Minaya was deeply in favor of the plan during a recent conference call. “You see, our older players, like Reyes for example, thrive early in the season. And we like to build our teams around peak retirement age.” When given Reyes’ early season stats, Mr. Minaya seemed stunned. “We believe this new schedule would really get Reyes going,” he explained.

John Ricco couldn’t be reached on the main GM line, though, curiously, Jeff Wilpon answered. “GM here?” he said, but quickly shifted to, “Sorry, I mean Wilpon here.”

Though we couldn’t get concrete answers, Jeff suggested that if we cherrypicked bad stretches from the Mets schedule, 2018 would’ve been a rip-roaring success.

Mets April records in the last 10 years:

*= Over .500

2018: 17-9*
2017- 10-14
2016- 15-7*
2015- 15-8*
2014- 15-11*
2013- 10-15
2012- 13-10 *
2011- 11-16
2010- 14-9 *
2009- 9-12

Total:  143-123


Mickey Callaway sat down with Steve Gelbs and explained the benefits of the shortened season. “When I was coaching in Cleveland, boy oh boy our pitching and bullpen were lights out. Our starters would get so deep in the game so we didn’t have to worry about using too much of the bullpen,” he said. He followed up that statement by saying ” With the shortened season I’m gonna let Jacob deGrom finish all the games he starts so he doesn’t end up killing his teammates.” Callaway paused for a moment and then smirked, “I’m sure he will win the Cy Young next season with all those wins he’ll have.”

Fans themselves have chipped in their thoughts as well. One unnamed mets fan said “well people REALLY want to change the game. so many folks talk about making each game shorter. How about instead we make the WHOLE SEASON shorter!”

An unidentified group has prepared to wear bags over their heads on Opening Day. It is unclear who their leader is but we did hear one fan  who was speaking over all the others and he stated, “Since the season will be shortened we have prepared our events to be even earlier than expected.” It’s still unclear what their intentions are.

The7Line has prepared “Made For April” shirts and sweatshirts for when the Mets win the April championship. T7L season ticket holders will also be able to attend every single home game in the future which is a huge benefit for the team. Their all time record is 48-41.

There is no set date for the new MLB schedule to take place. Right now it’s just in talks just like the DH (which the Mets would also benefit from.)


Written by Bre, Christina and Marissa