In case you were unaware of Jose Reyes’ trash season where he is batting .199 with only 38 hits in 191 at bats, let me remind you. He is trash this season. Jeff Mcneil has 9 less hits than him in 89 at bats.

I’m glad Reyes thinks that tweet is funny. His 2018 season stats are laughable as well. Yes, he did have a great career and he is considered one of the Mets greatest short stops of all time but hes past his prime now and shouldn’t be searching his name on twitter and commenting something like this. Especially when it’s him being compared to his teammate, who has been playing second base as well this season.

If posting his batting average wasn’t enough to convince you how bad he has been this season let me show you some advanced stats for you nerds out there.

Among players with at least 170 plate appearances in 2018, Reyes is the 10th worst with regard to wRC+ and five worst with regard to fWAR.

Fewest Defensive Runs Saved – Infielders, Last 3 Seasons Asdrubal Cabrera -40 José Reyes -38 Daniel Murphy -37 (traded to Cubs)

He is bad. That’s all you need to know.





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