Since twitter only has a 162 character limit (I don’t know if that’s even the real #), I couldn’t summarize how I felt fully about some fans.  I am writing here my full on opinion about the way Mets twitter has operated these past few months. Now these opinions are based on observations and confrontations from people on this app/website.

Here is the breakdown on what I’ve seen from Mets twitter:

  • There is a new hashtag going around that everyone seems to not know what it truly stands for.
  • An unorganized movement being rushed and their source of promotion is an abused hashtag as mentioned above.
  • People making fun of the hashtag.
  • Mets fans arguing on how to be a fan of the team.
  • Wilpon talk
  • Jose Reyes talk
  • Miss_Met tweeting hilarious content as usual.
  • Mets fans bitching when they see another mets fans tweet about going to a baseball game.
  • Mets fans being statistic nerds and think a player is good when they suck. You can’t be right with these people. Just let it go, walk away. Save your energy, it’s okay.
  • Mets fans arguing with a reporter.
  • Mets fans arguing again about stats and it leads to name calling/ harassing.
  • Mets fans tweeting to boycott the team and wear bags over their face (That will sure show the Wilpons)


These are just some of the few examples of the posts I have seen on twitter and I’m sure I can be tied to some of these bullet points and so can you (nothing wrong with that). More importantly I am writing here now to tell people reading to stop shaming other fans for supporting their team. I don’t care if the fans don’t fit your agenda.

If a Mets fan want to go to a game let them go. Stop tweeting at them and questioning their every move. If you are a Mets fan and want to boycott the team well then go ahead but don’t shove your opinions about the Mets and the ownership down others throats. That talk is getting old.

People are probably reading this like “well thatmetschick you are telling us what to do so like that’s hypocritical” Like I mentioned above, do what you want just don’t go after other people obnoxiously and start name calling on social media. Be a civil human being. 

The Wilpons are trash owners, I think everyone knows that. There are fans that still go to a game in a lost season to root for individual players like Cy Young candidate Jacob deGrom or young studs of Brandon Nimmo and Michael Conforto. Then there are fans who take their children out to a Mets game to get them into baseball.

Most of these fans get their tickets from stubhub/ vivid seats. I haven’t bought a ticket directly from the Mets website in years. You can find cheap tickets as low as $4.

Now.. the Wilpons don’t make money off of 3rd party websites, so they aren’t making money off of fans buying from stubhub or vivid seats. They make money off of season ticket holders who buy their tickets BEFORE the season starts.

To wrap things up I kindly ask fans to stop telling other fans how to be a fan. If someone wants to go to a game that’s fine. If you wanna go to a game and wear a bag over your head that’s cool too or if you want to completely stop going to games that’s alright too!

Every person is different from the other. We are raised by different cultures, different races and by different families.  If we are different people then why the hell do we have to be the same fans?

At least we got one thing in common though: LOYALTY.