Two academics, one a game theorist affiliated with New York University, the other a computer scientist want to create a rule to speed up the game of baseball in the 9th inning.

Here is the rule:

When the game is 0-0 or tied, baseball is played exactly as it is today—three outs per side. But when the at-bat club has or takes a lead, it gets two outs instead of three.

So say Michael Conforto is up to bat in a 0-0 game in the top of the 9th inning and hits a home run. 1-0 Mets! Woo! Okay now we lose an out because we score a run. So now we only have 2 outs to work with to score insurance runs. I don’t this idea.

It’s like saying teams leading in football only get 3 downs, or in basketball only get an 18 second shot clock. It’s an artificial mechanism to add “competitiveness,” by penalizing the team that’s leading. Don’t fix something that’s not broken. Baseball fans like the sport the way it is.

The NYU theorist states it will speed up the game by a half-hour out of a nine-inning game.

The rule is called “catch up”. No not ketchup.

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