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The start of September signals crunch time for many playoff-hopeful MLB teams. Well unfortunately, it’s the second straight September without meaningful Mets games. That doesn’t mean we can’t cheer hard for another team though! Being a new Arizona resident, I am personally rooting for the Dbacks to make it to the playoffs. I asked Mets Twitter who THEY are hoping to see make the playoffs and win the World Series. The results were very interesting:


A team that came out of nowhere. A team that, on paper, isn’t the superior team. The ultimate Cinderella Team™.  It is easy to root for the underdog, especially when they have exciting players like Matt Chapman and Khris Davis. This is what most Mets fans are doing and I might just jump on board if the Diamondbacks don’t make it!

Red Sox

Before making this poll, I thought this was going to be the leading choice, but it’s hard to say no to a fun A’s team. Despite that, 34% still voted for the Red Sox. Why? Well…here’s one fan’s take:

Yeah, I’m going to assume that’s the reason for most Red Sox voters…seems like good logic to me!


The Astros seem like a bunch of weirdos, and let’s be real here…who doesn’t like to root for weirdos?! They’re also a young team full of superstars like Alex Bregman, Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, and George Springer. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of World Series repeats unless it’s MY team, but I can’t blame the 14% that voted for them!


The Brewers were the most popular “other” vote, with seven people commenting that they were rooting for them. They are an exciting team to watch, especially with MVP-candidate Christian Yelich. Outside that, how can you NOT root for ultimate good guy, pure man Curtis Granderson?? That was @JoshuaMansbach and @RulerOfEstonia’s reasoning at least:


The Indians were another very popular “other” vote, with six people commenting that they’re rooting for them this postseason. Why not when they have Francisco Lindor AND Jose Ramirez, two of the most exciting young players in baseball??


Another group of dancing goofballs. Four people commented that they’re rooting for the Cubs. They just won the pennant two years ago so I’m not going to root hard for them, but I can’t blame fans for wanting to see players like Anthony Rizzo and Javy Baez win a ring again!


Four fans commented saying they’re rooting for the Rockies. Although I’m rooting hard for the Dbacks this September, one thing is for certain: seeing Nolan Arenado in the playoffs is what we all need and deserve.

“Whoever’s playing the Yankees”

Four fans commented something along the lines of “Whoever’s playing the Yankees”. I mean I am down for this logic. We don’t need to hear “tWeNtY eIGhT rInGs” every time we try to say something bad about the Yankees, that’s for sure.


Three fans commented the Dodgers. Why? Well, one wants to see Kershaw win a ring (good logic, he certainly deserves one). I’m not sure if that outweighs the fact that Chase Utley would also win another ring though..lol


One fan commented that they are rooting for the Phillies and all I can say is…..why?


Last but definitely not least, one fan commented the Diamondbacks! Good to know I’m not the ONLY member of Mets twitter rooting for them!!

All-in-all, there were 537 fans that voted and eleven different teams chosen! Out of all the teams currently in or close to a playoff spot, only the Cardinals, Braves, Mariners (they’re only 5.5 games out of the second wildcard!) and Yankees were teams Mets twitter didn’t mention they wanted to see win (Sorry Aaron, you don’t count). Thank you all for participating, and may the best team win!