The 2015 New York Mets won 90 games and went on to win the Pennant that year. Since then they haven’t done much and by much I mean anything. In 2016 they barely made the post season (If you count the wild card game as a playoff game) and in 2017 they were injury riddled. And this year? Well… 2018 is a year to forget.

The report is that the Mets are considering getting the band back together because it worked so well for them in that magical 2015 season.

Players from the 2015 roster that are currently on other teams or are retired:


46 Tyler Clippard – RHP

40 Bartolo Colon – RHP

27 Jeurys Familia – RHP

36 Sean Gilmartin – LHP

​33 Matt Harvey – RHP

49 Jonathon Niese – LHP

43 Addison Reed – RHP

47 Hansel Robles – RHP


21 Lucas Duda

55 Kelly Johnson

28 Daniel Murphy

Juan Uribe


23 Michael Cuddyer

Curtis Granderson

Kirk Nieuwenhuis

How in the world did the Mets reach the World Series with this roster? We don’t know. 

We sat down with Omar Minaya who explained the reasoning behind the proposed front office idea. “We truly relish the concept of second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth chances. Just look no further than me,” Minaya stated.

When asked about possibly bringing back Daniel Murphy with his knee problems Minaya proclaimed that “when healthy Murphy is a solid hitter that can play multiple positions for us.” “The only things that can stop Daniel Murphy are God, injuries, and gays.”

We further questioned Minaya about why the Mets didn’t re-sign Murphy in the winter of 2015. Minaya snarled and said “I wasn’t lobbying the GM then now was I Adam Rubin?” We had to remind him that Adam Rubin was not only not present, but no longer a Mets beatwriter.

If the Mets do in fact follow through with their thought out money saving plan to get the 2015 squad back together then there will be no room for certain players. The good news to the Mets reconstructing their roster to replicate the World Series roster would be Jose Reyes NOT on the 2019 roster. The virus would be eliminated and therefore peace restored with the Mets and also Reyes’ wife.

We asked some tough questions to John Ricco regarding the NL East opponents and how that could effect their plan to contend with their 2015 roster in 2019. “We plan on contending next year just like in 2015. We have advanced technology to turn back the clock and make our NL East foes roster replicate their 2015 roster.” When asked how they could come up with the finances to obtain a time traveling device Ricco laughed and said ” We’ve been using Wrights insurance money on our extensive projects.”

Mets brass insists things were kept hush-hush so other teams wouldn’t copy them and turn the clock back to the Mets – Bonilla era. “We’d have to pay him that contract twice!” the Wilpons hissed referring, of course, to Bonilla’s deferred payments.

The Wilpons stated that this idea of a time machine was inspired by a group of players listening to Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots after a Mets loss. “Wish we could turn back time to the good old days.” J.P Ricciardi nudged Fred, and we distinctly heard him explaining to the elder Wilpon that it only worked on team replication, not Bernie Madoff replication.

If all else fails, at least the Mets are thinking about the future by looking to the past.




This article was written by Bre and Christina