9/11 #Neverforget


Baseball is America’s past time, America’s present time. As a baseball enthusiast I love watching the diversity of players competing in this beloved game. There is nothing like MLB opening day or the playoff atmosphere. People are happy. It’s a feel good place to be. (Well for the most part until their team loses)

Baseball connects people. It bring people together. It’s a source of therapy for some. Bad day at work? Tune into your favorite team when you get home. Date night? Grab a beer at a bar and watch it with your significant other. Wanna have the family over? Watch the game while feasting on snacks and BBQ dinner.

There is endless ways to watch baseball, whether it be by yourself, with your significant other, family or friends.

Baseball is STILL exciting. Shocking right? Diving catches, stops up the middle, crucial double plays, bases loaded jams, walk off…

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