TOM SEAVER — MAY 11, 1972

Picture this: You arrive at Citi Field, whether it be by vehicle or by the 7 line train. You walk toward the stadium to find the Shea Stadium Home-Run Apple surrounded by beautiful flower and nearby a shining bronze Tom Seaver Statue.

The franchise, however, has no immediate plans to honor “The Franchise” in such a way, a Mets spokesperson told the daily news in 2016.  A lot of Mets history seems to have been lost after Shea Stadium was torn down and the homage to Ebbets Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers popped up in its place.

You can go to other stadiums and find that they honor their All-time greats. Wrigley Field and Pittsburgh’s PNC Park are examples of two locations with no shortage of monuments. They honor their greats.

“It’s a great way to walk up to this ballpark and be surrounded by the past and I think it means a lot to the current team, too. When you bring in your current team they can see that this team respects its players in a very special way.”- Walls, the executive director of the Reds Hall of Fame.


The Mets are one of only five MLB teams that do not have a statue honoring a Hall of Fame player; the A’s, Blue Jays, Diamondbacks, and Dodgers are the others.

The highest quote for a statue according to the daily news was $152,000 for a larger-than-life statue. A life-size version could cost as little as $40,000. And, if the Mets were inclined to buy in bulk, some sculptors said they would be willing to offer a discount!

It depends on how cheap the owner is,” one sculptor said.

Seaver was inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 1992. Having played 12 seasons as a New York Met, he led the club to its first World Series title in 1969 with an impressive mark of 25-7 while winning three Cy Young Awards and accumulating 198 of his 311 victories there.

The absence of a Seaver statue at the stadium is “ridiculous. “I’m embarrassed for (the Mets). I really am.”- Nancy Seaver


Final thought: He deserves a statue. I wasn’t alive to see him pitch but I can only imagine how much fun it was to watch him. My generation can compare him to Jacob deGrom (Yes I know that Seaver is still better. That’s why he is nicknamed the franchise). The Wilpons need to get over their fandom of the Dodgers and pay homage to the Mets greats.