Aaron Nola’s ERA of 2.44 ranks second to Jacob deGrom’s 1.78 in the National League. Nola has worked 199.1 innings this season while deGrom has worked 202 innings. Nola has given up 54 earned runs while deGrom has given up 40 earned runs. Nola has 210 strikeouts while deGrom has 251 strikeouts. Nola has a WHIP of .98 while deGrom has a WHIP of .95. Nola has given up 16 Home-runs while deGrom has given up 10 Home-runs.  Nola’s ERA+ is 173 while deGrom’s is 207.

In an interview after last night’s Phillies win, Gabe Kapler, the Phillies manager, chimmed in on the CY Young race:

“I would just blindly vote for Nola, I care so much about Nola and his candidacy that I won’t even go into expressing how I would evaluate. I think he’s been the best pitcher in the National League.”

Any manager is going to defend their starting pitcher. Is it a little bit biased? Yes. But if he has a good argument for it then state the reason why he picks him for the award. “I wont even go into..”  *Rolls eyes*


He later went on to say this about Nola and him surpassing 200 innings:

“It speaks to durability, Look, if you’re the best option for your team, more times than not, the manager is going to give you the opportunity to take down an additional inning. So I think it speaks to the fact that almost always Nola feels like the best option to get the next three hitters out and piling up 200 innings is certainly a huge accomplishment.”