Mr. David Wright

123-01 Roosevelt Avenue

Queens, NY 11368


Dear David,

First off I would like to congratulate you on your Amazin’ career as a New York Met. Secondly I grew up watching you from the moment you got the call up in 2004. You and Jose Reyes were the reasons why I got into baseball at such a young age. You were the corner stone on the left side of the infield. Young, energetic and fun to watch. I played softball up until my last year in college and I used to emulate your at bat rituals. You would tuck your bat underneath your arm and redo your batting gloves. You would take a deep breath before getting back into the batter’s box. Stick your tongue out after swinging the bat or bare handing a ground ball. You took every game seriously. No days off. You loved (and still love) the game and you made me love the game too.

I was supposed to go to the game yesterday, Tuesday September 25th. I even left work early to avoid traffic. It was raining. My boyfriend and I were driving on the Grand Central Parkway and were 10 minutes away from Citi Field at 6:00PM. Traffic came to a complete stop and the car behind us did not stop. He rear ended us and I suffered a concussion. Cops and the ambulance arrived and I went to the hospital and I missed the game.

The reason why I picked tickets to yesterday’s game and not the game on Saturday was because I had already planned a vacation to Colorado back in June. My flight leaves Thursday morning and I am coming back Sunday afternoon. I was anticipating Tuesday to be the last game I got to see you in a Mets uniform. I even made a sign for you and I was planning on holding it up for yesterday’s game, cheering you on one last time.

I will still have in my memory all the great plays and moments you made for us Mets fans. The 2005 bare handed catch or your dive into the stands, the 2006 ASG and NL East title, the 2013 ASG at Citi Field, your homerun against the Phillies in 2015 the day you came off the DL and who could ever forget your home run in game 3 of the World Series. Those magical moments will be forever valued by us fans. I wish we could have won the World Series for you in 2015 or better yet in 2006 so early in your career. I hope going forward this team could win a World Series in the near future and give you the ring you deserve.

Thank you Captain for making Mets fans believe in this team again. Thank you for getting me into baseball at a young age. I feel like I grew as you grew. In 2004 I was 9 years old watching a 21 year old make his major league debut. Now at the age of 23 I get to watch a Mets legend get the proper sendoff he deserves after battling injuries to get back to the game he loves. So thank you captain for loving this game and always working hard. You are truly an inspiration.