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Well it was certainly a season for the ages this year…one filled with an 11-1 start, a 5-21 month of June, a “starting second baseman José Reyes”, and an 18-10 finish…Any way you slice it, it added up to a 77-85 record, far worse than any of us wanted to see from our favorite team.

Anyhoo, now to switch to MUCH more important topics, remember when Christina wrote about the midseason awards? (if not, read about it here https://thatmetschick.com/2018/07/18/the-super-serious-not-at-all-a-joke-mid-season-awards/) Well NOW it’s time for the annual very serious definitely NOT a joke end of the year Mets Awards!!!

The Wait When Did he Get Called Back Up? Award

This one goes to the one and only Jacob Rhame!! Okay but seriously, this poor guy had to take SO MANY cross country flights this year because the Mets couldn’t make up their mind. After some extensive research (lol jk all I did was go to MLB.Com) I found out that Jacob Rhame was either recalled or optioned a total of 10 times this past season within the span of a month and three weeks. That’s just insane…for all the struggle he was put through, we figured we’d give him this very thoughtful award.

The Flaming Hot Piece of Garbage Award

Who else but José Reyes. This one doesn’t need much of an explanation….

The I’m No Juan Lagares Award

Austin Jackson, this one’s for you! This is your defense-first center fielder?? Because MY defense-first center fielder doesn’t have a total of -15 defensive runs saved in the year 2018 and that’s the tea. Either way, I hope you enjoy this award I made just for gave to you Austin!

The You Dummies Really Thought Reyes Was Better Than Me? Award

This one goes to the one and only Jeff McNeil. Does this one really need any explanation?? Probably not, but in case you somehow forgot, the Mets decided to roll with José Reyes for a span of way too many games at second base because they proclaimed McNeil couldn’t play second base. Well jokes on you Mets, he can hit, he can run, he can catch the hearts of every Mets fan, AND he can play a pretty great second base!

The Hey, Don’t Forget About Me Award

Dom Smith is the right choice for this one. While we were all fed up about Jay Bruce getting starts at first base without warrant, we actually got to see a lot of Dom Smith to end the season! Although nothing spectacular, he did hit .264 with a .514 slugging percentage in the second half while also showing off the glove at first base that he is known to have. Oh, he’s also only 23! Maybe, just maybe, he can build off of the good ending and make it so we (and the Mets) can’t just push him to the side next season!

The Best Receding Hairline Whilst Also Best Recovering Shoulder Award

This one goes to the one and only Michael Conforto. Let’s be real here: if Michael Conforto has one (1) flaw, it’s his receding hairline…luckily he almost always wears hats amiright ladies? Besides that, he hit .273/.356/.539 in the second half this season. Receding or no receding hairline, that’s an impressive slash line. It’s almost like he, say, is recovering? From his shoulder injury he suffered in 2017? A weird concept, I know… Who knew Mets players could recover from injury?

The Just Make Him a Catcher So The Position Will Produce Offense Award

Last but not least, this award goes to Peter Alonso…I mean, if the owners aren’t going to invest in a nice catcher like Wilson Ramos or Yasmani Grandal, then *insert Patrick pushing Bikini Bottom meme* Why don’t we TAKE PETER ALONSO, AND PUSH HIM TO PLAY CATCHER?!