Where were you? I was in my hotel room in Denver, Colorado. We were getting ready to go out to eat and drink but I couldn’t miss that moment.

How were you feeling at that moment? I felt sad. There was a pit feeling in my stomach like my heart just dropped.

Did you cry? I was tearing up but I didn’t cry fully. I was with a bunch of people in my hotel room so I didn’t want to let them see me cry.

Message to David Wright: Thank you David for everything you’ve done on and off the baseball field. You are a true inspiration to young kids. You have always worked hard and you have always loved the game and played it the WRIGHT way. You will be missed.


Where were you? In my house off campus watching on tv.

How were you feeling at that moment? I felt really sad but at the same time, every time they’d zoom on him and he’d show his huge smile I couldn’t help but smile too.

Did you cry? I cried when I saw the tears in his eyes when leaving.

Message to David? Thank you for giving your all to this organization. Us fans will forever be grateful. While it didn’t end the way you wanted to nor the way we wanted to, we will always have the memories because that’s what lasts forever


Where were you? -I was at concert with my boyfriend. the opening band was on stage but we couldn’t let ourselves miss it

What were you feeling at that moment? a mix of emotions. it felt like my childhood was ending

Did you cry?  I didn’t cry during the game, but i cried like a baby during his speech

Message to David Wright: Thank you. Thank you for inspiring me to follow my dreams and for getting me into baseball. Thank you for sticking by this team through thick and thin and loving us the whole way. I will miss you forever


Where were you? Section 329 at Citifield with my mom.

How were you feeling at that moment? So sad but so lucky to get to witness him play one more time

Did you cry? I’m not sure I’ve stopped crying.

Message to David Wright? Thank you. Just, thank you.