Stadiums that I have been to before:

  • Shea Stadium (2008)
  • Citi Field (2009)
  • Old Yankees Stadium (2008)
  • Yankees Stadium (2017)
  • Citizens Bank Park (2010)
  • Turner Field (2006)
  • Petco Park (2007)
  • Coors Field (2018)

My most recent visit has been to Coors Field. Coors Field is so far my favorite stadium not because it was my most recent visit but because of the atmosphere and the many bars and fan friendly activities that are there.

I went on a tour at Coors field in the morning on September 28th and I was able to go on the field and in the dugout. It was pretty amazing. We also checked out the bars, restaurants, suites and the press box. We were unable to visit the clubhouse since the Washington Nationals were in town! BOO!

Some bars at coors field that we visited:

  • Roof Top (Coors Silver Bullet)
  • Blue Moon Brewery –The Sandlot: The popular Blue Moon, a Belgian-Style Wheat beer was invented here.
  • Mountain Ranch Bar
  • Jack Daniels Terrace
  • Clock tower bar
  • Colorado Brisket Melt
  • Beers Of The World

The fan shop at Coors Field is HUGE. It is three times the size as the one at Citi Field. There are also more food choices ranging from Burritos to heros to chicken tenders to Burgers. Anything you can think of they probably have it.

The ball flies at Coors. Off the bat you think its a home run but then realize the outfield is so huge it turns into a very long double or triple. I didn’t notice how big the outfield was until I was at the game, sitting down the first base line. Charlie Blackmon was tracking down a ball hit to deep center field and it just got over his head. That ball was hanging for a long time. It resulted in a double. The altitude definitely had something to do with that!

I also learned that because of permit regulations in Colorado they had to dig underground to build the stadium. They found ancient dinosaur bones when they dug below ground level and that is why the mascot today is a purple dinosaur! “Jurassic Park” was one of the first names to be considered for the stadium.

Image result for dinosaur bones coors field

The stadium was named Coors field because of the Coors brewing company. They purchased the naming rights for a one time charge of 15 million dollars. To put that in perspective, Citi Bank pays the Mets 20 million dollars annually for naming rights. I guess you can say Coors got a great deal!

If you go to the upper deck of Coors Field you will notice purple seats. Those seats represent 1 mile above sea level.

Image result for coors field 1 mile above sea level


I also want to state that the people of Denver were incredibly nice. I guess you can say that anytime you get out of New York state! But seriously, our Lyft drivers and servers throughout our trip were so nice and engaged in conversations with us. They recommended a lot of local bars and restaurants that we ended up going to. Thank you guys!

Here is a video I took of the Rockies clinging a playoff berth:


Here are some photos I took while on the tour and at the stadium:




Thanks for reading!