Successful MLB franchises include the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Giants and the Dodgers. They have built their rosters up to succeed consistently. If not consistently then every other year (see Giants and Cardinals). These are known playoff contending teams and their fans expect them to make the post season every year.


As a Mets fan it is very frustrating when your favorite team makes the post season twice in the last ten seasons. “Oh but it makes it so much worth it.” Cut that nonsense out. I’d rather make the playoffs every season than have other fan bases make fun of us for sucking.


The Mets need to restructure their front office. They have to mean business like a playoff team. Play like you’ve been there. The owners suck.  They are the ones who have to fix this mess of a franchise. Yes, I am ripping them because I am frustrated with this team.

Every October Mets fans sit at home and watch playoff baseball. The only thing missing is the Mets most of the time. We watch other teams fight for a title. We root against teams we don’t like and make fun of them in the playoffs. I’m glad we root against our division rivals whether it be the Nationals that are usually in the NLDS or the Braves this year. Those are our rivals we are supposed to dislike them.

I get that we root against the Yankees (fans) because some claim they are our “rival” even though they aren’t in our division. It’s okay to poke fun. What frustrates me and annoys me is fans constantly/ obsessively saying:

  • “Mets suck? We know we suck LOL”
  • “It’s October we have nothing else”
  • “We are a joke of a franchise, we know this …let us have our fun”

This way of thinking is pathetic. 

I wish it wasn’t this way. Mets fans are so used to saying that the team sucks because we’ve accepted our franchise as the laughing stock of baseball. “If you laugh at yourself no one can laugh at you” WRONG. If you are going to talk shit about other teams be prepared for them to come back at you. Don’t try to play the victim and make the excuse of “worry about your own team in the playoffs” or ” Mets fans are in your head.” “FREE RENT”  Yet there you are Mets fans… the Yankees are in your head.

Its frustrating to see how Mets fans think now. “Yeah we know we suck!” Is that something to be proud of? Cause I sure as hell am not proud of sucking and constantly saying it to playoff teams fans as an excuse for them to not talk shit back.

Since the start of the playoffs I can see how #Metstwitter are obsessed with the Yankees. There I said it. Sorry but it’s the truth. Go ahead and try to say Yankees fans are just as obsessed. There is no denying that as well. It’s a never ending back and forth fight for “the New York crown.”

Fans wish they had the Steinbrenners as owners rather then the coupons (Wilpons). They wish year after year they could celebrate post-season berths and be alive to see the team win a World Series. I could never be a Yankees fan, I bleed orange and blue but I do wish our owners were half the ownership of the Yankees. Owners that care about their fans and the team. Also no way, shape or form am I defending Yankees fans or rooting for the Yankees. Let me make that clear.

This franchise needs a couple years of playoff success. The Mets have never had 3 consecutive years of making the post-season. With the emergence of the Phillies and Braves, the Mets might be at the bottom of the NL East standings for years. Something needs to change because constantly sucking and being “proud” of it is frustrating.

Final thought: We complain about ownership then joke about our mediocrity.  I’m just tired of the complacency.


Mets fans tweets proving my point: