Every fan base hates certain players in the league. It can be because of their attitude, actions off the field or on the field. They could also be “killers” of that team.

One name comes to mind when thinking of the most hated player by Mets fans and it isn’t Chase Utley. (Sorry Mets fans from 2015- Present)

John Rocker. 

And yes this is my opinion you are entitled to yours too! Why do we hate him? For fans born after the early 1990s you were probably too young to hear about his comments about New York. Let me refresh your memory:

I’d retire first. It’s the most hectic, nerve-wracking city. Imagine having to take the 7 Train to the ballpark looking like you’re riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing… The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners.

You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians  and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?

He then went on to say this about the New York Mets fans:

Nowhere else in the country do people spit at you, throw bottles at you, throw quarters at you, throw batteries at you and say, “Hey, I did your mother last night—she’s a whore.” I talked about what degenerates they were and they proved me right.

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For his comments, Commissioner Bud Selig suspended Rocker without pay for the remainder of spring training and the first 28 games of the 2000 season, which on appeal was reduced to 14 games. In 2002, while with the Rangers, Rocker again made national headlines for his views after directing slurs towards patrons of a Dallas restaurant at which he was dining, located in the heavily LGBT-populated neighborhood of Oak Lawn.

“This is a free country. If he wants to use a lewd term, he should be able to use a lewd term,” Rocker told the Chicago Tribune. “Can’t you use a lewd term in America if you want?” Referring to sensitivity training, he was quoted as saying: “It was a farce, a way for the scared little man, Bud Selig, to get people off his ass.” Rocker stated that when he attended mandatory sensitivity training he would seldom remain longer than 15 minutes.

Rocker briefly played for the Long Island Ducks in 2005 and was greeting by boos from the crowd.

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Runner ups (not in any specific order) and this is based upon generations of Mets fans:

  • Chase Utley
  • Chipper Jones
  • Bryce Harper
  • Daniel Murphy?
  • Jimmy Rollins
  • Shane Victorino
  • Pat Burrell
  • Andre Dawson
  • Roger Clemens
  • Bob Gibson
  • Greg Maddux
  • John Smoltz
  • Freddie Freeman
  • Derek Jeter
  • Willie Stargell
  • Jayson Werth
  • Ryan Howard
  • Alex Rodriguez ( I like him now as a broadcaster and plus he’s a Mets fan)

Most of these guys were Mets killers