Major League Baseball is considering a safety bag in 2019 after last nights collision at first base, where Manny Machado “kicked” Jesus Aguilar leg while lightly jogging to the bag.

Rob Manfred told the press early this morning that he would like to make the game of baseball the least contact sport in all of America.

“We want to be as soft as possible. Whenever we see a guy get hurt on a rare collision, we instantly have to make a new rule to benefit that one guy”, Manfred said all giddy.

Machado refused to speak to reporters last night as he was too busy tightening his cornrows and playing with Justin Turners beard.

Rules with a safety bag:

The use of this base is a safety measure intended to prevent collisions between the batter-runner and the first baseman. The first baseman and other defensive players are allowed only to touch the white portion of the safety base during play. If a defensive player’s foot touches the orange portion of the base, the umpire may call interference and award the runner a free base. This is an umpire’s judgment call. On offense, the runner may touch only the orange portion of the base during close plays. Because a runner is allowed to run through first base, he may run straight through the orange half, remaining in foul territory. If he touches the white half on a play at first, the defensive team may appeal the play.


Why MLB is considering this:

The use of the safety base not only limits potential dangerous collisions at first but also incidences of ankle injuries caused by one player stepping on another’s ankle as they both stretch for the same base. When the first baseman has his foot on the white, and the runner sprints over the base, there’s a chance of the runner rolling his ankle by stepping on the first baseman’s foot.


“He has a history of those types of incidents. One time is an acicdent. Over and over again its a dirty play. …. F–ck that mother-f–cker” – Christian Yelich