The game of baseball is evolving. Low batting averages, more power and more strikeouts. Some fans love the home-run power displays while others would like high on base and high batting average machines.

The WSJ recently came up with ideas to “save baseball”.

  1. Bring Back the Hustle: “Baseball needs a hustle board, but with stakes. It would award the team with the most triples, steals and bunts—which have been declining for decades—an extra run at game’s end.”
  2. Ban Mound Visits: “The image of an out-of-shape manager plodding onto the field to offer platitudes to his pitcher is ingrained in baseball’s fabric. But these little chats are a giant waste of time.”
  3. Strike Four: “Here’s why baseball needs a fourth strike: Batters have never been worse at making contact. Sure, they hit tons of homers—but they’re striking out more than ever, which means you can wait in line to get beer and never miss the ball even going in play. Three strikes just isn’t enough anymore. Four strikes means fewer strikeouts.”
  4. Baseball Stoppage Time: “Any game that’s tied after nine innings should automatically enter baseball stoppage time in which both teams should get one last chance in the 10th inning. And here’s the real catch: They can bat anyone they want in whatever order they want. If neither team wins after 10, everyone goes home.”
  5. The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Rule:At the three-hour mark of games—the league average was 3:01 this season according to Stats LLC—a bell would indicate that the next full inning is the last. If the Yankees and Red Sox take three hours to complete four innings, then the game would become a five-inning affair. You wouldn’t even need Vanna White.”
  6. The Hustle (Part II): “Baseball is a leisure activity for me, the fan, not for the players. I propose that every time a player loafs on his way to first base; completely stops moving to admire what he thinks is a home run (but frequently is not); or flips his bat, he should be penalized for the time he is not working”

These are only ideas and will probably never come to thought with the MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred. Want to “fix” baseball? Teach guys to be versatile and learn more positions. We don’t need 1 dimensional players anymore. I don’t know about you guys but I think baseball in 2018 is still fun. I enjoy watching it.