were rewarded for investing in premium talent, through free-agent dollars (J.D Martinez, David Price) and prospects (Chris Sale). Risk and reward. They took a chance paying up and now are getting paid for their World Series victory.

“This is the greatest Red Sox team in history,” owner John Henry proclaimed after receiving the Series trophy.

In the World Series, Boston outscored the Dodgers 28-16 and had only a slightly better batting average at .222 to .180. But the Red Sox got timely hitting and won their ninth title.

Timely hitting was key for the Sox in the World Series and all postseason. With runners in scoring position and two outs this postseason, the Sox were an unprecedented 17-for-41 (.415) with three doubles, a triple, three homers and 31 RBIs. (Stat as of October 26th) 

How can the Mets copycat the Red Sox and go for it all?

  1. Sign impact free agents and pay up!: no more Jason Vargas’ or Jay Bruce’s
  2. Analytics: The best team in baseball was the one with the #1 payroll in baseball and a GM and manager who embraced analytics. How shocking….
  3. Defense wins ball games (especially behind great pitching: Go get a real center fielder.
  4. Speed Speed Speed: Along with defense, speed goes a long way! As a team the Red Sox had 125 stolen bases. That’s good for third most in the AL.
  5. Trade for impact players: Prospects are only prospects and don’t always pan out. Red Sox traded their top prospects for Sale and it was worth it. (However I don’t think the Mets should trade Peter Alonso. He is untouchable)
  6. Sign a closer and upgrade the bullpen: The Red Sox bullpen was not the best bullpen going into the playoffs but they stepped up in big moments shutting down the power house teams of the New York Yankees and Houston Astros.
  7. 2 strike approach: As a team, the Red Sox batted 68 times with two outs in the World Series. They amassed eight singles, three doubles, four home runs, and six walks. The Red Sox struck out in 19.9% of their plate appearances in the regular season, the third lowest mark in the majors. No big-league team fanned less frequently with two outs and runners in scoring position than Boston did in 2018. The Red Sox had the league’s most hits, most walks, and lowest strikeout rate in two-out situations.

All of these tie into each other. The Mets can sign a guy in the off-season who is a 5 tool player that has a great 2 strike approach. The Mets are not far off from competing but they do need a few key acquisitions to put them there and then eventually over the top. They need to take a page from the Red Sox this off-season.