During the GM meetings Scott Boras indicated that Bryce Harper should be paid more than Diamondbacks pitcher Zack Greinke, who makes $34 million per season. Based on 14 years at $35 million (just $1 million more than Greinke), that would be $490 million. Harper might even want to “go for even” and make $500 million.

Back in 2017 an anonymous MLB GM spoke on Bryce Harper‘s looming free agency, and whoever it was, they hinted at the possibility of a $500 million offer for all-star outfielder.

“It’s fashionable, it’s historical, it’s elite, global, certainly,” Boras said. “And certainly it has inspirations that deal with great shoes and great hair, inspirations on the part of Bryce.”

“When you’re in a category of talent and player in the game that rarely is there, you’re talking about a process I think that is very unconventional because you’re dealing with a generational player,” Boras said. “And what is a generational player? That is that he holds the qualities of elite performance, he holds the youngest age in free agent history to be available for the greatest number of elite years of performance.”

My guess is that Bryce Harper is going to the Philadelphia Phillies. It makes sense. They have a ton of money to spend this off-season and are looking to content in 2019 with the NL East up for grabs. But will the Phillies be willing to dish out $500 Million dollars?