Fans have been anxious to see the color scheme since several versions of it leaked a full month ago. According to MLB documents obtained by Fish Stripes, the team logo was approved by the league in late September.

As recently as last week, the Marlins would not comment on the rumored rebrand. On Monday, however, they began to tease it on Twitter and Instagram with the #OurColores campaign. The message has been that these colors were inspired by Marlins owner, Derek Jeter.

With a lack of proven major league talent in the Marlins organization heading into next year and one of the league’s least-lucrative television deals, they’re hopeful that this latest change invigorates baseball players to become confused and sign with the Marlins instead of the New York Yankees.



“This is great,” said Jeter. “We want a winning culture in Miami and the best way to start that is to wear uniforms of winners. I’ve won 5 World Series in these uniforms. I can’t picture a successful franchise wearing anything else!”

Players seemed ecstatic about the new uniforms as one anonymous Marlin proclaimed, “This is the closest thing to earning actual Yankees pinstripes!”  Another Marlin stated  “there’s a good chance we can win 4th place in the East next year and push around little brother.”