Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the traditional Christmas shopping season, on which retailers offer special reduced prices. Much like a Christmas list, the Mets have a budget on how much they can spend this holiday season.

The Mets General Manager has been busy on the phones today calling agents to see if their clients could be purchased at a discounted, Black Friday rate. We sat down with Brodie Van Wagenen to see his progress.

TMC: “Brodie, given your budget would you say the Mets are willing to spend?

BWV: “If the price is right we will spend. We will spend now, we will spend later… but only if the price is right.”

TMC: “What agents and players have you contacted so far today?”

BWV: “We have spoke with Bryce Harper’s agents.”

TMC: “And how did that go..”

BWV: ” I initiated the phone call asking if there were any Black Friday deals…specifically 30-50% off”

TMC: “And then what happened?”

BWV: ” Scott [Boras] laughed and hung up… but believe me this was all Jeff’s idea.”

Jeff Wilpon was seen counting his money in his little piggy bank. He shrugged his shoulders afterwards in disappointment. I asked for an interview with Jeff  but he aggressively declined. 




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