The Braves are reportedly giving Josh Donaldson a one-year deal worth $23 million.  The Braves have also signed Brian Mccann to a one- year deal worth $2 million. Their division rival Mets have yet to break the bank.

When the report of the Donaldson signing coming into agreement, we notified Mets general manager of the news. Brodie Van Wagenen, preoccupied with Cyber Monday online shopping, declined to comment on his NL East rivals signings.

Over his shoulder was Jeff Wilpon who seemed very focused on Brodie’s scrolling and coupon snagging technique. “Wow this is amazing,” he proclaimed. When I asked to reiterate his comment Jeff noted that he “wished free agent signings were as easy as Cyber Monday shopping.”

That statement sparked an idea for Jeff. After we spoke with him he motioned Brodie to take out his phone and start calling agents immediately. Brodie fumbled to get his phone out of his pocket and while it dropped to the floor, Jeff was already transcribing what Brodie should tell the agents. It was as if Brodie was Jeffs puppet. It was as if Jeff was the actual general manager.