Update: Mets receive 20 million dollars from the Mariners.

Mets fans have been losing sleep over this proposed deal. Prospect huggers everywhere. I was even skeptical about the trade. With the report that the Mariners are sending the Mets $60 million along with Cano makes this trade a little easier for me to comprehend. I won’t react until the off season is complete. Brodie has a plan. Trust the process.

Why does this trade make sense? Let me tell you why:

1. Mets get their closer:

The right-hander, Edwin Diaz is coming off an All-Star season in which he led Major League Baseball with 57 saves and (more importantly) posted a 1.96 ERA with 107 more strikeouts than walks in 73.1 innings. He’s also only 24 years old, and he’s under club control through 2022.

2. The Mets get rid of Jay Bruce:

Bruce is owed $29 million over the next two seasons. He is a waste of space in RF/ 1B. He was going to block either Brandon Nimmo when Yoenis Cespedes returned or block Peter Alonso at 1B in 2019.

3. The Mets get rid of Anthony Swarzak:

In 2018, Swarzak had a 6.15 ERA in 26.1 innings pitched. The lack of innings was due to injuries. He only had 2 good seasons in his career. Again wasted space.

4. Peter Alonso wont be blocked:

As I mentioned above there is no longer a “log jam at 1B” as the Mets former GM proclaimed. Alonso gives the Mets a right handed power bat.  He finished 2018 hitting .285/.395/.579 with 36 HR, 31 doubles, 119 RBI and a .975 OPS.

5. Jeff Mcneil becomes a super utility guy: 

Is Mcneil the second coming of Christ? Pump the breaks.He’s only played in 63 games and as much as I like this kid, the Mets need to construct their roster to win now even if it means Mcneil isn’t a starter. Of course if Frazier sucks or gets hurt Mcneil would fill in at 3B. When are the Mets ever a fully healthy team?

6. The Mets free up payroll & enables them to spend:

Jay Bruce: $28M (2 years left) Anthony Swarzak: $8.5M = 36.5 M’s sending the Mets $60M M’s total at checkout: $96.5M. The Mets are receiving a ton of cash back in this deal which enables them to spend this off-season. Their priorities are aquiring a catcher, additional bullpen help and another bat.

7. Robinson Cano is not finished…yet:

He’s 36 years old but still has one of the smoothest hands in the league!

Defensive Runs Saved leaders, 2B, qualified innings, 2016-2018:

  1.  DJ LeMahieu +29
  2.  Ian Kinsler +28
  3.  Robinson Cano +15

Far and away the worst defensive 2B the past three years is Daniel Murphey at -42 DRS (again, of qualified 2B). Robinson Cano led the group with 10 runs saved with his double play turning ability…his best defensive skill by run value the past three years.

From @statcast: Since 2015, Cano’s .367 xwOBA is roughly equivalent to 2018 Alex Bregman. Since 2015, Cano’s 127 wRC+ is second behind Altuve. Cano’s 2018 hard hit rate of 51.7% was second among all left-handed batters last season.

8. Cano wont cost us significant amount of money:

The Mariners are eating half of Cano’s contract which means the Mets will only be paying him $12M annually. As mentioned above, the Mariners are also taking Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarzaks contracts.

These are some of the benefits to the trade. However, if the Mets don’t make any other moves after this then it’s a wasted trade. But I expect big things to come. I believe this is just the beginning of the Brodie Van Wagenen era.