1.  “We did not make this move for it to be our last move.”- Brodie Van Wagenen

  2. “We have a winning mindset and collectively everything is possible and nothing is impossible.” – Brodie Van Wagenen

  3. “This is the capital of baseball. Once you walk to the ballpark here and you see the fan base it’s amazing how they follow this team.” -Robinson Cano

  4.  “This trade should be a signal to our fans that words alone will not define our franchise.” -Brodie Van Wagenen

  5.  “I’m more than happy — I would say blessed to be able to wear this uniform. … Also happy to be back in New York. I just can’t wait for the season to get started. -Robinson Cano

  6.  “I came here to win. To the Mets fans, I came here to win … to get a ring.” -Edwin Diaz

  7. “Mets are working toward an insurance settlement with David Wright. Over time we plan to get that back and some of that will go into payroll.”- Jeff Wilpon

  8. “If Player X and Player Y and Player Z does well, we’ll be OK.” He says he wants to eliminate those “ifs.”- Brodie Van Wagenen

  9. “The Mets’ analytics team projected the roster for 83-84 wins before the Robinson Cano trade. Now, they’re in the high 80s. We do a couple more things …maybe we can be 90-plus.” – Jeff Wilpon

  10.   “There would have to be very special circumstances for us to even consider” trading Noah Syndergaard. He is part of the Mets’ core.” – Brodie Van Wagenen