“We did not make this move for it to be our last move,” were the words Brodie Van Wagenen said yesterday during the Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz press conference.

Are you believing the hype Mets fans?

Well you should. Everything is possible and nothing is impossible.” That goes for free agents and trades.  “I stated that this organization intended to be relentless and fearless in the pursuit of greatness. This trade should be a signal to our fans that words alone will not define our franchise.

Pursuit of greatness?! I haven’t heard that word come out of a Mets general manager until yesterday. Jeff Wilpon gave credit to Brodie’s aggressiveness so far this off season by saying, ““I haven’t seen anybody with this much drive and determination in a long time.”

The underrated aspect about BVW is that he was on the other side of negotiations. He speaks the language of agents. For the 1st time in awhile I feel the Mets are pushing all their chips and exploring all options to win.

Less then 24 hours after the press conference and Brodie’s name has already been linked to J.T Realmuto, A.J Pollack and Corey Kluber. The man gets on the phone right away. He’s pushing buttons and has a plan and if that plan doesn’t work out guess what? He’s probably on the phone pushing plan B. And if plan B doesnt work out? He’s probably being aggressive and going back to plan A. It looks like he is determined to make this team better.

Trust the process Mets fans and get aboard the BVW hype train.


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