The talk surrounding the Mets has been J.T Realmuto. If the Mets were to trade for him it would cost them either Brandon Nimmo, Amed Rosario or Michael Conforto. Why not just keep all three and sign Grandal?

Lets compare the two catchers:

Since 2015:

Realmuto: 529 G, .280/.328/.443, 112 OPS+, 59 HR

Grandal: 510 G, .238/.337/.453, 113 OPS+, 89 HR

BWARP (Wins Above Replacement Player) since 2015

Realmuto: 12.1

Grandal: 21.2 

Realmuto has the better average and games played but Grandal edges him in on base percentage, slugging percentage, on base plus slugging and home runs.

Now lets look at their defense and framing stats:

DRC+ totals since 2015:

Realmuto: 93, 93, 99, 113

Grandal: 116, 119, 93, 115 

Fielding Runs Above Average Since 2015:

Realmuto: -10.6, -0.1, 16.1, 4.3

Grandal: 25.6, 33.6, 27.7, 17.7  

Grandal has been the best framer in the game, worth 8.7 runs saved above average according to StatCorner and 7.7 runs according to Baseball ProspectusHis glove was worth 24 framing runs above average last year, a career best.

According to Statcast data, Grandal has received 181 pitches out of the zone called as strikes, while 106 pitches in the zone he has received have been called as balls. That’s a +75 differential.

In 2018, Grandal had a .994 fielding percentage.

Here’s where Grandal ranks among qualified catchers since 2016:

  • wRC+: 4th (116)
  • ISO: 4th (.228)
  • BB%: 4th (12.1)
  • fWAR: 3rd (9.0)
  • HR: 2nd (73)
  • Hard%: 3rd (38.7)
  • DRS: 1st (39)

Final thought: Instead of targeting Pollock and  looking to potentially deal 2 major league cost controlled assets for Realmuto, I think the Mets would be better off signing Grandal, keeping combo of Nimmo/Rosario/Conforto. Grandal is also the better option because he can also help the Mets pitching staff with his framing. In simpler terms this could lead to the Mets pitchers striking out more batters.